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WESTMORELAND COUNTY TRANSIT AUTHORI Paratransit Operator in Youngwood, Pennsylvania


  1. Operate a public transit vehicle to transport passengers on specific routes and timetables.
  2. Operators are expected to be familiar with the equipment associated with transit vehicles within the Authority's fleet and changing operational aspects as new fleet vehicles are purchased.
  3. Prepares for daily runs by obtaining assignments, reviewing posted notices and communication of irregularities to the maintenance department.
  4. Ensures that a vehicle is safe and reliable prior to operation by performing a pre-trip inspection which requires the completion of prescribed reports.
  5. Ensures the safety of vehicles for other employees by performing post-trip inspections which require the completion of prescribed reports.
  6. Perform daily housekeeping of assigned vehicle and maintain vehicle appearance according to Authority standards.
  7. Picks up and delivers passengers in a courteous and professional manner pursuant to a specific time schedule.
  8. Must be able to perform all duties regardless of weather, traffic conditions and passenger load conditions.
  9. Performs defensive driving techniques by complying with traffic regulations and conditions.
  10. Be able to safely perform duties by enforcing passenger safety and conduct rules.
  11. Understand and comply with Authority policies and procedures.
  12. Passenger assistance according to protocol prescribed by the Authority; including assisting passengers with disabilities.
  13. The ability to operate all accessibility devices (i.e., ramps, lifts, etc.) in a safe manner according to Authority and manufacturer's instructions.
  14. The ability to secure passenger mobility devices and occupants prior to placing vehicle in motion.
  15. Fare Collection.  Fare Collection may include issuing transfers and recording passenger counts.
  16. Completion of various authority reports including accident/incident reports and required paperwork in the timetable established by the Authority.
  17. Regular communication with passengers and Authority co-workers regarding questions, concerns, complaints, company protocol and other issues that are related to employment.
  18. Following company protocol and procedures during shift without direct supervision.
  19. Be able to act appropriately when faced with an emergency situation by the utilization of common sense coupled with following Authority protocol and procedures -- including passenger management if necessary.
  20. The use of appropriate communication devices, including two-way radios and tablets.
  21. Be able to perform duties without the use of cellular phones or other hand-held devices related to non-work related situations throughout shift.
  22. Be able to follow directions and communication from dispatch and supervisory personnel.



  • Must be able to report to work seven days a week or during hours of operations.
  • Participation when necessary in Authority training sessions at times outside of regular shift schedules.
  • Must be able to wear a company-prescribed uniform during work hours.
  • Must be able to maintain regular attendance in accordance with Authority standards.
  • Communication with Supervisory personnel regarding changes in medications.
  • Communication with Supervisory personnel regarding any license revocation or off-duty traffic violations.
  • Communication with Supervisory personnel regarding accidents and moving violations immediately.
  • Comply with and participate in training requirements as established by the Authority.
  • Continuing knowledge of local and state traffic rules and regulations.
  • Continuing knowledge of operational aspects of a variety of vehicles.
  • Must be able to accurately record hours of work on time cards/time reporting systems.


Functions and Physical Demands:

  • Must be able to operate the vehicle with the use of a seatbelt.
  • All operators must be able to bend over, stoop or squat do n to floor for at least 60 seconds.
  • Must be able to walk for 10 minutes without rest.
  • Use of arms, legs and body torso to climb steps into bus while maintaining three points of contact, assist passengers when necessary and maintain body equilibrium to prevent falling when working on slippery surfaces during winter months and all weather conditions.
  • Must have the ability to sit without discomfort for prolonged periods of time on a variety of driver's seats in different models of buses.  Must have the ability to push, pull, grip, bend, crouch, and/or kneel, talk, hear, and smell.  Must be able to reach above shoulder level.  Requires the ability of hand-eye coordination to operate various pieces or equipment. 
  • Requires continuous use of hands, arms, feet and legs to push/pull or activate essential controls (pedals, levers, and knobs) in recurring operational motions. 
  • Must be able to turn head up to 90 degrees and torso up to 45 degrees in either direction on a regular and frequent basis to see traffic and observe passengers by use of mirrors, etc.
  • Must be able to turn vehicle steering wheel without obstruction while seated in the drivers seat
  • Must be able to pick up at least 50 lbs.
  • Must be able to assist ambulatory and non-ambulatory passengers on and off the vehicle. 
  • Operator must be able to push or pull a passenger seated in a non-motorized wheelchair (ADA defined) weighting up to 600 lbs. (including passenger) for a level distance of up to 40 feet and up and down 10% incline for up to 6 feet
  • Must be able to use coordinated movements to secure mobility devices as instructed.  Must be able to pull a tie down strap with a force of 50 lbs. while bending over, stooping or squatting down.
  • All vehicle operators must be able to assist in transferring a passenger, who uses a wheelchair, to a regular passenger seat.
  • Must have the physical/mental ability to quickly assist passengers and maintain composure in times of emergency or passenger incidents.



  • This is a safety sensitive function for the Authority subject to DOT drug testing requirements.
  • Must be at least 21 years of age.
  • The ability to read and understand mapping.
  • Knowledge of Westmoreland County
  • Must have acceptable driving record.
  • The ability to communicate with members of the public concerning Authority information.  Must also be able to communicate with Authority co-workers as to route information and /or emergency situations.
  • Must have job related experience.
  • The ability to follow a schedule
  • The ability to complete reports
  • Must be able to effectively communicate and follow oral/written instructions that are provided in English.

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