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Job Information

Talbert House Care Coordinator - Clinton County in Wilmington, Ohio

Position Summary:

Reports to Talbert House Office located in City of Franklin Fire & EMS Division. 

Serves as liaison between Talbert House, City of Franklin's Safety Services Divisions, clients and third-party providers.  Provides the full client care cycle including assessment, planning, implementing, monitoring, and evaluating. Serves as subject expert, positive role model, and educator for first responders. Provides crises intervention with a primary focus on finding holistic, long-term, solutions for all clients.   


Public Safety and Security: Works directly and collaboratively with City of Franklin Police and Fire & EMS Divisions. Accompanies first responders on emergency HOPE calls, as needed. Uses sound judgment under adverse, stressful conditions.

Relationship Building: Cultivates relationships with City employees, schools, social service providers, emergency service providers, long-term care providers and probation/jail personnel. Seves as a positive role model and subject expert on effective emergency client intervention techniques and long-term treatment planning.

Advocacy: Intervenes as an advocate for clients to resolve emergency problems during crisis situations related to substance abuse, mental or physical illness, or physical abuse. Helps crisis response team members understand and support client.

Client Assessment: Interviews clients, reviews cases, conducts assessments, or confers with other professionals to evaluate the mental and/or physical condition of clients and need for services such as transportation assistance, budgeting, housing assistance and referral and linkage to community resources.

Resource Connection: Searches for, educates, and connects clients to available community resources for long-term sustainable solutions to address underlying issues that impact the clients qualify of life. Promotes the City's HOPE program, when appropriate.  Works with a focus on holistic wellbeing.  

*Care Coordination: *Assists clients in adhering to treatment plans, such as setting up appointments, arranging for transportation to appointments, or providing support. Maintains consistent contact with clients at predetermined intervals (30, 60, 90 120 days) to promote improved long-term wellness.   

Service Delivery Adherence/Revision: Reviews and evaluates clients\' progress in relation to measurable goals described in treatment and care plans. Modifies, records and reports updates to treatment plans according to changes in client status.

*Training and Coaching: *Informs and instructs first responders to increase awareness, understanding, and sensitivity to client needs.  Educates police, fire and schools on methods and techniques for providing services to clients, available community resources and recovery opportunities. Develops relevant case studies to share w/ first responders and promotes stigma reduction.

*Self-Development: *Stays informed of current trends and innovations in the treatment and social services. Demonstrates motivation and commitment to improve work related knowledge, abilities, processes, and relationships to better position crisis team to effectively respond to overall client needs.

Social Media: Maintains and updates the Project HOPE social media outreach page.  Works with others to ensure accurate and current information is available to the public.

Data Collection and Analysis: Uses reasoned data collection techniques from COREDATA to track and analyze data against key performance indicators, community changes and trends. W