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Jewish Community Center Camper Advocate, JCC MetroWest, Camp Deeny Riback in West Orange, New Jersey

Principal Responsibilities: Team Riback Staff Member * Improve the campers' self-image and build confidence. * Provide an opportunity for campers to develop a sense of responsibility and respect for others. * Provide a safe environment where children can develop physically, emotionally, and socially. * Teach new skills and improve on old skills. * Teach good sportsmanship behavior in all aspects of camp life. * Present a wide range of choices to meet existing interest needs and develop new areas of interest. * Develop a respect for the environment and teach respect for property of others. * Ensure that staff and campers have a positive summer experience where memories of Camp Deeny Riback are created to last a lifetime. * Do whatever is possible to ensure that each camper makes new friends. CAMPER ADVOCATE - JOB DESCRIPTION Camper Advocate is a support counselor who provides one-on-one assistance to support a camper who needs additional support to be successful at camp. The advocate role requires a special sensitivity as to when to offer the child individual assistance, and when to allow the natural dynamics of the group instruction and interactions to assimilate the child into the group as part of a more spontaneous process. The balance of support and freedom within the context of the program is a delicate choice to be orchestrated by the advocate. Camper advocate receive special individual training in addition to participating in the general staff orientation. Prior to the beginning of camp, the camper advocate will meet with the Camp Friends Supervisor to discuss the needs of the assigned camper. At this time, the supervisor will discuss any social/emotional/behavioral and/or physical limitations the child may have and advise and discuss techniques to be used in meeting the needs of the child. * Responsible for the care of one specific camper regarding their individual specialized needs. * Participate in an orientation with special training for advocate counselors. * Encourage social interaction between the "Camp Friends" camper and other campers if the camper requires assistance. * Prepare well for all events. Show enthusiasm for all phases of camping. * Be a role model. * Provide positive reinforcement or other behavioral intervention to facilitate the child's involvement in the group. * Assist camp specialists working with your camper with special needs. * Assist pool staff with instructions, checking procedures, and swim with camper at all times. * Help your camper during lunch and snack times. * Responsible for camper evaluations of behavior through written daily and weekly reports submitted to your supervisor. * If needed, escort child to nurse for daily medication disbursement. * Stay with camper at all times, unless Unit Head is notified in advance. * See that camper stays reasonably clean and returns home with their belongings. * Maintain constant communication with Unit Head dealing with concerns, ideas or any item deemed necessary. * Must integrate into group and when available assist with group responsibilities. * Most importantly, confidentiality is a must and camper's special needs should not be discussed with anyone. * Other appropriate tasks, as needed by the camp director. * Support the vision and mission of the JCC and serve as a role model for campers and staff. Camp Dates: June 28th - August 20th Monday - Friday Required Training Dates: Twice a week virtual training session in June as well as in person training at CDR property before the start of camp. Pay: This position pays a salary rate for the 8 weeks worked. # Minimum Qualifications: Experience working with children. # Salary: Under 25,000 # Agency Information: Welcome to Your JCC! JCC MetroWest has been at the center of our community for 142 years, bringing people together while providing educational, social, cultural and fitness programs. Our main facility, the Leon & Toby Cooperman JCC,located in West Orange, NJ, and our 20-acre day-camp, Camp Deeny Riback, located in Flanders, NJ serve the Jewish communities west of NYC, including Essex, Morris, and Union counties. Date Posted: 03/25/2021 Title: Camper Advocate, JCC MetroWest, Camp Deeny Riback JCC: JCC Metrowest Location: West Orange, NJ