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Jan-Care Ambulance Service Inc. EMVO - Emergency Medical Vehicle Operator Wyoming County, WV in Welch, West Virginia

Why Jan-Care Ambulance?

Jan Care Ambulance is the largest ambulance provider in WV and we are also in Raleigh and Durham, NC. We are a privately owned, community oriented company with a long history of success that has been built from years of hard work and a dedication to excellence.

The distinction between Jan Care / GEMS and the average ambulance provider is our culture of belonging. When you are part of our organization you can immediately feel the sense of unity.

Jan Care / GEMS core values are centered on exceptional patient care and first class customer service. We believe there are no short cuts to greatness. Greatness has to be earned. With over 30 years of stable growth and expansion; our prominence has been earned, maintained, and achieved.

Jan Care / GEMS maintains a high quality fleet of state- of- the- art vehicles. Jan Care / GEMS possess a National Accredited Paramedic Program, provides modern educational opportunities that develop our EMS Providers to aggressively achieve the highest standards of medical providers in WV.

Our company has been built on the enduring hard work of many. We are more than a company; we are a community. With stations in rural and metropolitan areas in WV Jan Care / GEMS is sure to have a staffing position to fit your needs. If you wish to be part of an organization that can positively impact your career, your life and community then you have found the right fit.

EMVO - Emergency Medical Vehicle Operator:

Position Overview: The primary objective of EMS is to provide safe and compassionate ambulance and medical transportation, while preserving patients' dignity and ensuring community safety.

EMS Personnel's job duties include provision of non-emergency convalescent transfer of patients, community event medical stand-by and response to emergency calls to assist in the provision of immediate care and transport to the critically sick and injured at the level of training and authorization.

Essential Job Functions:

  • Attend instruction sessions for orientation, EMS operations, compliance, emergency vehicle operations, maintain EMS certification and other required programs.

  • Provide out-of-hospital care to patients and safe ambulance transport inconsideration of s tatewide protocols and medical command direction and assessment to the level of authorization and training under WV EMS Rules and Regulations (64CFR48} and guidelines.

  • Lift, carry, and balance a minimum of 12 Sibs alone and equally 250 LBS with assistance, at the height of 33 inches, for a distance of 1O feet. (WVOEMS)

  • Have the ability to hear, comprehend and respond to spoken information from co-workers, patients, physicians, dispatchers and sounds common to the emergency scene (WV OEMS)

  • Verbally communicate in person, via telephone and telecommunications using the English language. Meet the minimum vision requirements to operate a motor vehicle with the State of WV(WVOEMS)

  • Read and comprehend written materials under stressful conditions. Document via written or electronic means the patient information utilizing an approved WV OEMS record system

  • Demonstrate manual dexterity and fine motor skills, with the ability to perform all movements needed for providing quality patient care. Bend, stoop, crawl and walk on uneven surfaces.

  • Inspect EMS equipment to ensure adequate supplies, verify proper operation refuel and fluid check of assigned ambulance and report needed maintenance.

  • Respond to callback or call-in emergency situations

  • Assist other emergency personnel as required and complete tasks assigned by company supervisors and management.

  • Maintain professional appearance and decorum; perform general maintenance and cleaning work in the upkeep of stations, training facilities and ambulances; be a self-starter requiring little oversight and be adaptable to change and able to function in a team based management structure.

  • Perform event stand-by operations including sporting events, community festivals and other events with significant number of people.

  • Respond to hazardous material incidents at the first responder level, function in other uncommon situations. Perform emergency operations during natural disasters and catastrophic events.

  • Have basic understanding of stress response and methods to ensure personal well-being, have an understanding of body substance isolation and patients' rights of privacy under HIPAA.

  • Have the ability to interact and assist in an appropriate and professional manner with a variety of outside agencies and personnel including medical facility staff such as physicians, nurses, aides, clerical staff, adult and child protective services, social workers, morticians, medical examiners, law enforcement, fire/rescue and communication personnel.


  • General Knowledge of EMS operations, operation of ambulances and proper use of EMS equipment.

  • Ability to learn through training, using a wide variety of EMS methods

  • Ability to readily acquire knowledge of the road/street systems and general physical layout of assigned communities.

  • Obtain necessary skills including opening and maintaining an airway, ventilating a patient, administering cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and utilizing certification level appropriate medications and defibrillator devices. Providing trauma care including assisting in controlling hemorrhage, treatment of shock, bandaging wound, immobilizing injured extremities, necks or spines.

    Working Environment / Conditions:

  • EMS operations occur 24 hours a day, 365 days a year in all weather conditions. Ambulances and EMS personnel must be prepared to respond at a moment's notice and maintain viable field operations until the situation is resolved or the crew is appropriately relived or replaced.

  • EMS personnel operate in uncontrolled arena of the public. As a EMS crew member, one must be mentally, physically and emotionally prepared to conform a wide variety of patient types,

    Benefits of joining our community:

  • State of the art training center

  • Online University with free access to all employees

  • Health Insurance

  • Multi-tier zero deductible insurance plans available

  • Dental Insurance

  • 2 exams/cleanings per year

  • $50.00 Deductible

  • $1,000 annual plan max

  • Preventative care covered at 100%

  • Guardian

  • Vision Insurance

  • 1 Exam per year

  • Lenses covered at 100%

  • $120 allowance for frames OR contact lenses

  • VSP through Guardian

  • Life Insurance

  • Choose from $15,000 or $100,000 for Employee-only coverage

  • MetLife

  • Disability Insurance

  • STD & LTD

  • Receive 60% of base salary for a non-worker’s comp injury or sickness

  • Paid weekly for STD; Paid monthly for LTD

  • Guardian

  • Supplemental Insurance

  • Accident

  • Critical illness

  • STD

  • Term Life

  • Accident

  • Cancer

  • Guardian


  • 401(k) Retirement Plan

  • Eligible at age 21 and 3 Months of Service

  • Pre-Tax (Standard) or Post-Tax (Roth) options available

  • Employer match of 50% of first 6% of total deferrals

  • Lincoln National