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Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission Park Aide (Blue Mountain Area) in Washtucna, Washington

Experience the natural beauty of Washington State Parks and get paid to do it!

\ [Temporary Washington State Park Aide jobs are perfect for:]{.underline}

  • People who like to get outside and enjoy nature, do physical work, and contribute to a truly important mission - maintaining a fantastic Parks system for everyone!
  • Individuals who are interested in a longer-term career with State Parks.  Many permanent staff, including members of our executive team, started their careers as Park Aides.
  • Students who are looking for summer work.
  • Active retirees looking for work that keeps them moving and doing good in the world. Less than full-time work is a possibility in many locations.

[Some benefits you might not know or be thinking about:]{.underline}

  • Temporary positions are eligible for vacation and sick leave.
  • Holiday pay might be available to you depending on when and how long you work.
  • Great teammates who care about their work.
  • Learning and refining a set of very practical and transferrable job skills.
  • Being in nature is good for your physical and mental well-being.
  • Wildlife sightings! From chipmunks and quail, to orcas and moose, and everything in between.  

[Park Aide jobs can be fun, fulfilling and career starters, but there are a few important things to consider:]{.underline}

  • Weekend work is expected, and you might be asked to work evening shifts.
  • Our Parks are busiest on spring and summer holidays, so we need more of our workers to be on schedule those days.  Getting time off around a holiday is not guaranteed.  
  • Bathroom cleaning is a task that most Park Aides get to experience fairly regularly.
  • Most positions are at least moderately physical -- walking, raking, bending, kneeling, lifting and moving lighter items (and heavier ones with assistance). If that is not appropriate for you, but you are still interested, read the announcement carefully to determine if there might be a position dedicated to less physical work at the park(s) you are interested in.

The following parks may have low-cost housing options for temporary Park Aides this season: *Fields Spring State Park, Lyons Ferry State Park, and Palouse Falls State Park. *Contact the Park directly for more information on housing availability.\ \ The following parks may have low-cost options for a recreational vehicle (trailer, camper, etc.) site for temporary Park Aides this season (must provide own functioning RV): *Camp Wooten State Park, Columbia Plateau Trail State Park, Lysons Ferry State Park, Palouse Falls State Park, and Sacajawea State Park. *Contact the Park directly for more information.

 ___________________________ \ \ This recruitment will be used to fill multiple non-permanent Park Aide positions located throughout the Blue Mountain Area; Camp Wooten, Columbia Plateau Trail, Fields Spring, Lewis & Clark Trail, Lyons Ferry, Palouse Falls and Sacajawea State Parks. This Area has many positions beginning in March and April.  The number of vacancies will vary from park to park.\ \ *Positions in this area typically are scheduled to work 40 hours a week, but we may have ability to offer less than full-time work -- over the entire period of employment or for specific periods.  If you are interested in less than 40 hours a week, just let us know in the supplemental questions section of the application process.\ \ *

*For information on benefits for this position, visit ofm.wa.gov/benefits. \ \

*Camp Wooten State Park- *(located in Columbia County) Nestled in the valley along the Tucannon River in the Blue Mountains, sits State Park\'s largest retreat center, Camp Wooten. Built in the 1930\'s by Civilian Conservation