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City of Fairfield, CA Utilities Compliance Coordinator in United States

Utilities Compliance Coordinator

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Utilities Compliance Coordinator


$68,444.48 - $83,193.34 Annually


Fairfield, CA

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6/3/2024 5:00 PM Pacific



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The City of Fairfield is accepting applications for two Utilities Compliance Coordinator vacancies within the Public Works Department! The deadline to apply is June 3, 2024, at 5:00 p.m. with interviews tentatively scheduled for the week of July 8, 2024.


Solid Waste

The Solid Waste Utilities Compliance Coordinator informs residents and businesses about the City’s waste reduction and recycling programs. The Compliance Coordinator helps promote the City’s sustainability efforts and recycling programs through various ways, including in-person site visits, written communications, and special events. The Compliance Coordinator works with diverse internal and external stakeholders to meet state and local ordinances and provides education and enforcement as necessary.


The Fairfield Municipal Water Utility provides high quality drinking water to the City and acts as a steward to this valuable resource. The Water Conservation Utilities Compliance Coordinator plays a key role in this mission by supporting various water conservation initiatives through public engagement, educational activities within the community, and partnering with various stakeholders to promote a regional program of water conservation.

This position is represented by Fairfield Employee's Association (FEA) and receives and excellent benefits package, including:

  • 5% COLA effective July 2024

  • CalPERS pension eligibility

  • Generous contributions to medical, dental, and vision plans

  • 3 medical carriers to choose from: Kaiser, Sutter Health or Western Health

  • Monthly employee premium as low as $132 for Kaiser family plan

  • 50 hours of personal leave (cashable) annually, plus vacation and sick leave

  • City paid life insurance, deferred comp and retirement health savings contributions.


Work typically includes both office and field activities. The indoor office environment includes moderate noise levels, controlled temperature conditions, and no direct exposition to hazardous physical substances, but may occasionally involve working around machinery with moving parts or stationery equipment. Field activities may include exposure to outdoor elements, dust, chemicals, dirt, trash enclosures, working in all weather conditions, and driving a motor vehicle to travel to and from sites. May deal frequently with irate members of the public and be required to work outside normal working hours including occasional weekends.


Work may include prolonged sitting, standing, stooping, reaching, light to moderate lifting (up to 25 pounds), and walking over rough, uneven, or rocky surfaces. Manual dexterity including repetitive motion from writing and using a computer keyboard. Clear, understandable speech and hearing, including speaking to others on the telephone and in person. Visual acuity including reading and close up work is also required.


The Utilities Compliance Coordinator is a single class position. Successful performance of assigned work requires the application of technical training and knowledge related to assigned program (either water conservation or solid waste), public education, and program support. This class is distinguished from the Management Analyst classification in that the latter is a multi-position class used throughout the City and is responsible for professional administrative, analytical, and technical duties including financial review, budgetary analysis, and coordination of policies and procedures.


Receives supervision from the Assistant Director of Public Works or the Management Analyst Senior. Functional supervision may be provided by a Management Analyst or other management classification.

Click here (https://www.governmentjobs.com/careers/fairfield/classspecs/1587197?keywords=utilities%20compliance%20coordinator&pagetype=classSpecifications) to review the full job description.

Minimum Qualifications

  • Experience:

    Two (2) years of experience working in the industry related to assignment (water conservation or solid waste) performing public engagement, conducting audits, regulatory compliance, or related functions are required. Experience working with municipal codes and enforcement, inspection, and/or compliance monitoring in a public agency environment is desirable.

  • Education:

    Education equivalent to completion of the twelfth grade is required. A bachelor’s degree may substitute for 1 year of the required work experience.


Possession of and the ability to maintain a valid California Class C Driver’s License is required.

Bilingual (Spanish) is highly desirable.

Examples of Duties

Duties depend on assigned program and may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Perform in-person site visits with business owners and multi-family property managers to encourage adoption of recycling/conservation activities at their properties.

  • Provide information regarding City and state regulations to residents, businesses, schools, the general public, and other City departments and divisions; participate in public engagement at City events.

  • Engage and educate residents on assigned program:

  • Water Conservation: water use reduction, encourage use of such devices and techniques as high-efficiency fixtures and appliances, leak detection and control, water efficient landscaping, smart irrigation methods, and consumer education.

  • Solid Waste: appropriate ways of disposing of household waste, recycling programs, address issues of waste contamination, and waste reduction.

  • Represent the City at educational and community events to promote assigned program; set up exhibits and attend public events to build awareness and provide outreach; develop and coordinate public awareness and community education activities; research and develop marketing strategies for programs.

  • Educate the public regarding compliance with the municipal codes, ordinances, and resolutions; explain program requirements; provide information and answer questions regarding programs to local schools, businesses, multi-family housing and non-profit groups, other City departments, and the public in person, over the telephone, and in writing. Conduct field audits, and evaluations of residential, commercial, and industrial recycling/conservation programs; provide feedback to businesses and residents; track compliance with mandated programs; gather supporting evidence of violations; issue appropriate warnings and violation notices.

  • Maintain accurate records of inspections, warnings, and violation notices; research and compile information; prepare reports for review and/or action by the City and other interested individuals and agencies; grant exemptions and issue waivers and citations as warranted.

  • Assist in investigating complaints of municipal code, ordinance and/or resolution violations; conduct field audits to verify violations; advise individuals of violations and the methods of abatement; seek abatement through voluntary compliance or, as necessary, through direct enforcement activities.

  • Perform education and outreach activities to provide edible food generators with information about City and state regulations and requirements, food recovery programs, and local food recovery organizations; conduct inspections on edible food generators covered by City and state regulations to verify they have arrangements with a food recovery organization; ensure food generators are not permitting spoiling of food that can be recovered.

  • May perform interdepartmental liaison functions including coordination of activities to address code enforcement issues and to improve compliance; inform involved departments of activities in a timely manner.

  • Work closely with City's solid waste/recycling hauler to review waste generation in the City and determine best opportunities to employ waste reduction efforts and strategies.

  • Operate office equipment such as computer terminals and other equipment in the performance of work related to report generation and records management; assist in development of educational brochures and related public relations materials such as website updates and social media, fliers, and handouts, as needed.

  • Review new laws, codes, methods, materials, and techniques for potential application to City waste reduction and recycling programs.

  • Perform related or other duties as assigned.

Knowledge & Abilities

Knowledge of:

  • Principles and practices of assigned program (water conservation or recycling and solid waste programs)

  • Applicable federal, state, and local laws, regulations, municipal codes, ordinances, and resolutions.

  • Principles and practices of effective field audits, evaluations, and enforcement methods.

  • Public education and engagement methods for local schools, businesses, multi-family housing and non-profit groups, other City departments, and the public.

  • Developing educational materials and related public relations materials such as website updates, social media, fliers, and handouts.

  • Principles and practices of problem solving and negotiations with individuals, businesses, and members of the public.

  • Record keeping, report writing, and researching and compiling information.

  • Modern office procedures, methods, equipment, and software applications.

Ability to:

  • Read, research, interpret, and explain a wide variety of local, state, and federal ordinances, rules, regulations, technical reference materials, policies and procedures.

  • Apply knowledge of applicable codes and ordinances during audits and inspections, and tactfully and effectively enforce applicable laws and regulations.

  • Gather and evaluate facts and evidence to reason logically, draw valid conclusions, adopt effective courses of action, and make appropriate recommendations.

  • Recognize and respect limits of authority and responsibility.

  • Prepare and maintain records and reports, and document educational events, warnings, inspections, audits, violation notices, exemptions and waivers, enforcement measures, and related activities.

  • Communicate effectively, both orally and in writing.

  • Establish and maintain effective and harmonious relationships with other agencies, the designated solid waste/recycling hauler, local businesses, and those encountered during the course of the work.


Based on the information provided in the application documents, the best-qualified applicants will be invited for further examination. All applicants meeting the minimum qualifications are not guaranteed advancement through any subsequent phase of the examination. Depending upon the number of applications received, the examination may consist of an application screening, written and/or practical exam, oral interview, or any combination.


Candidates must submit an online application via NeoGov/Governmentjobs.com by 5:00 p.m. of the closing date. If you have any difficulties submitting your online application, please call NeoGov's Applicant Support Line at (855) 524-5627 .

Mac users please note: To ensure compatibility, please use Google Chrome and ensure iOS settings are up-to-date.

If you feel you will need a reasonable accommodation for any portion of the testing/interview process, please contact Human Resources at (707) 428-7394 at least 1 week prior to the application deadline or examination date.

The City of Fairfield is an equal opportunity employer and is committed to creating a work environment in which all individuals are treated with respect and professionalism.

FULL-TIME/PRO-RATA POSITIONS - The City of Fairfield offers a comprehensive benefit package that includes City contribution toward the Public Employees' Retirement System (PERS) and deferred savings; medical, dental and vision; life insurance; paid holidays, vacation, personal leave and sick leave. For a more detailed overview of the benefit package, please click on the following link: FEA Employee Benefits (https://www.fairfield.ca.gov/home/showpublisheddocument/4508/637667085623870000)

PART-TIME POSITIONS – For benefits associated with part-time positions, please see the Fairfield Part-Time Employees' Association (FPTEA) Memorandum of Understanding. (https://www.fairfield.ca.gov/home/showpublisheddocument/8999/638229423589670000)


Do you possess, or have the ability to obtain, a valid Class C California Driver's License at the time of appointment?

  • Yes

  • No


    What is your highest level of education?

  • High School diploma or equivalent

  • Associate's Degree

  • Bachelor's Degree or higher


    It is a requirement of the position to have at least two (2) years of experience working in the industry related to the assignment (water conservation or solid waste). Which industry do you have experience working in? Your response must be validated by the information provided in the WORK EXPERIENCE section of your application.

  • Water Conservation

  • Solid Waste

  • Both

  • Neither


    How many years of experience do you have in performing public engagement, conducting audits, regulatory compliance, or related functions? Your response must be validated by the information provided in the WORK EXPERIENCE section of your application.

  • Less than 2 years

  • 2 to 4 years

  • 5 years or more


    How many years of experience do you have working with municipal codes and enforcement, inspection, and/or compliance monitoring in a public agency environment? Your response must be validated by the information provided in the WORK EXPERIENCE section of your application.

  • None

  • 1 to 2 years

  • 3 to 4 years

  • 5 years or more


    Do you have any experience with creating educational materials, brochures, social media websites, or related functions? If so, how many years of experience do you have? Your response must be validated by the information provided in the WORK EXPERIENCE section of your application.

  • None

  • 1 to 2 years

  • 3 to 4 years

  • 5 years or more


    Are you fluent in Spanish (speak/read/write)?

  • Yes

  • No

    Required Question


City of Fairfield


1000 Webster Street 4th Floor Fairfield, California, 94533