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Northern Light Health Registered Nurse I in United States

Job Description Northern Light Maine Coast Hospital Department: OB-GYN Unit Position is located: Northern Light Maine Coast Hospital Work Type: Part Time Eligible FTE: 0.600000: 24hrs Work Schedule: 7:00 PM to 7:30 AM Summary: The Registered Nurse I is a Registered Nurse who is a beginning professional caregiver, entering into practice and establishing a professional identity. The incumbent is responsible for the practice of nursing according to the Rules and Regulations defined in the State of Maine Nurse Practice Act, Northern Light Health Standards of Care/Practice, policies and procedures. The Registered Nurse I is responsible for the delivery of patient care to assigned patients, and for the supervision of other qualified staff to whom the Registered Nurse I has delegated patient care in the exercise of his/her independent judgment. The nurse plans and evaluates the nursing care for patients and families and exercises independent judgment in implementing care or assigning the care to other qualified staff. The nurse addresses physical, spiritual, emotional and educational needs of the patient, and coordinates the plan of care with other healthcare professionals. The incumbent performs duties and tasks in accordance with performance standards established for the job. Responsibilities: • Completes nursing documentation in a timely manner which includes, but is not limited to: • Patient admission/primary assessment. • Assessments and reassessments on all patients per policy as well as assessing and reassessing as indicated by critical thinking skills as patient condition warrants. Documentation must be timely within electronic documentation or unit specific flow sheets. • Lab and diagnostic testing results in assessments per policy. • Timely, accurate assessment and reassessment of pain utilizing an age appropriate pain scale. • Completes nursing functions on assigned unit • Demonstrates the ability to formulate individualized plans of care, individualized to patient specific disease process, age, and psychosocial needs. Plans of care are initiated and revised as indicated by the patient's response to the objectives, overall plan appropriateness and effectiveness. • Recognizes changes in patient condition • Responds quickly and appropriately to changes in patient condition • Is able to handle patient assignment within unit matrix expectations • Manages and implements physician orders for the delivery of care in a timely, safe, coordinated and collaborative manner. • Delegates tasks to team members, as appropriate. • Is a role model and mentor by being active in continuing education, which includes but is not limited to: • Precepting new staff as assigned. • Identifying learning needs and seeking appropriate training or education to remain current in knowledge, skills and advancements. • Having an understanding of the unit's quality improvement plan as evidenced by supporting a quality plan, developing a policy or unit competency, by collecting data or membership on a committee. • Facilitating students' positive learning experience. • Promotes patient education which includes but is not limited to: • Starting patient education on admission. • Providing patient/family with education on new medications, treatments, and diagnoses. • Demonstrating an understanding of how age, psychosocial needs, culture and finances impact the patients/families ability to learn and comply. • Completes patient education prior to discharge • Utilizing the teach back method. • Communicates in a mutually respectful manner, which includes but is not limited to: • Reporting all patient/family complaints or concerns via the chain of command. • Coordinating care planning with other disciplines, families, and/or caregivers. • Communicating with practitioners regarding changes in patients' status, symptoms and results of diagnostic testing. • Consistently ensures that nursing process safety mechanisms are followed which include, but are not limited to: • Hand off report policy • Recognizing the importance of including patients and their families in the plan of care by utilizing the bed sire report, as appropriate. • Verifying telephone orders are read back, clarified, legible and documented per hospital policy. • Complies with all administrative and clinical policies including high risk patients which include but are not limited to: pediatrics, psychiatrics, and substance abuse • Administering medications in a safe and timely manner per hospital policy. Includes, but is not limited to: administering medications within 30 minutes before or after the scheduled time, verifying identification of the patient using two identifiers, and bar code scanning (department specific). • Ensuring medications are administered and documented per individual department policy. • Documenting co-signatures as appropriate (critical drips, pediatrics, blood products). • Complying with time out and site verification policy. • Documenting patient care in a timely manner. • Recognizing the needs for and maximizing the use of safe patient handling equipment. • Demonstrates knowledge and competencies which include but are not limited to the following equipment and skills: o Preanesthesia interviews (telephone & in person) o IV insertion o Patient controlled analgesia o Administration of moderate sedation o Cross trained to Post Anesthesia Care Unit o Femoral Nerve Blocks o Suretrans o Blood transfusion • Adheres to Attendance and Punctuality Policy, which includes but is not limited to: • Reporting to work on time and when scheduled. • Taking breaks per policy. • Requesting time off with appropriate lead time. Other information: BLS Required. Competencies and skills: Essential: * Acts Strategic: Creates effective plans that anticipate future consequences and opportunities and is able to connect the day to day operations to longer-term objectives, shifts in the industry, and system goals. * No previous experience required. * Promotes Health and Safety: Promotes a healthy and safe environment for patients, employees and visitors. Advocates and models healthy physical and mental health behaviors even in challenging circumstances. Sets high quality standards and strives for continuous improvement and quality assurance by reporting and encouraging others to report near misses and safety issues. * Resolves Conflict: Promptly acts to find alternatives/solutions when team members disagree. Addresses issues in a direct, honest, and appropriate manner. Handles conflicting interests diplomatically and helps to solve them. Transforms difficult situations into teachable moments using respect and accountability . Credentials: Essential: * Registered Nurse Education: Essential: * Associate's Degree Working conditions: Essential: * Lifting, moving and loading 30 to 50 pounds. * Alternate shift schedules (day, evening, nights, weekends). Position Registered Nurse I Location Northern Light Maine Coast Hospital Req ID 3670