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Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese Custodian Maintenance Technician-CDOS in United States

Essential Functions of the position are detailed below, and include any physical requirements below that.1. Responsible for the interior and exterior maintenance of multiple WIC site locations to ensure compliance with all agency/programmatic policies and procedures, professional standards, and external requirements of all relevant regulatory, licensing or accrediting bodies;2. Performs daily cleaning duties for assigned site, including but not limited to: sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, dusting, cleaning walls, windows, restrooms, emptying and cleaning trash containers, when needed;3. Performs routine and minor plumbing, electrical, carpentry, and HVAC repairs to Agency building(s); 4. Responsible for the safe and proper handling of power tools and any other related materials and equipment;5. Paints, as needed, and prepares surfaces, such as: cleaning, filling cracks, scraping, dry walling, plaster and taping, sandpapering, priming, or sealing surfaces prior to painting;6. Disposes of paints and other related hazardous materials safely and appropriately;7. Handles work orders in a timely, efficient, and safe manner;8. Peforms required testing of emergency systems for the sites and with supervisory approval, handles all locksmith issues;9. Coordinates with outside consultants, contractors, and vendors, and monitors the work performed, as needed; 10. Assists with the seasonal maintenance of the premises, including: snow and ice removal, spreading of salt when needed on all pavements, and the maintenance and groundskeeping of all landscape areas;11. Responsible for handling and/or coordinating services to resolve any maintenance-related emergencies, as needed.

PLEASE NOTE: Essential functions include all other duties and responsibilities as assigned.

X Kneel and move from sitting, bending, kneeling or standing multiple times a day.X Push and pull objects up to 50 pounds.X Climb up and down up to 4 flights of stairs at a time. X Lift up to 50 pounds.X Additional Requirements: Job duties may need to be performed outdoors in varying weather conditions. Must be able to reach overhead and climb a ladder, when needed.

Other Requirements Comply with program and/or Agency requirements related to (check all that apply).X Background check, including any program specific requirements. Physical examination TB TestingX Drug TestingX Driver's License and reliable transportation X Agency-specified automobile insurance Additional Requirements:

Immediate Supervisor: Director of Administrative ServicesDirectly Supervises: N/AIndirectly Supervises: N/A

Education and Experience Requirements:

Relevant Education:Preferred: High SchoolMinimum: GED

Relevant Experience:Preferred: 5+ years of janitorial or facilities-related experienceMinimum: 3+ years of janitorial or facilities-related experience

Certification/Licensure:Preferred: Valid Driver's License, reliable transportation and Agency-specified automobile insuranceMinimum: N/A