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Meta Documentation Engineer/Technical Writer in Singapore


Enterprise Products is seeking a Documentation Engineer/Technical Writer to join a global team of writers that documents tools and processes used within Meta. You will be responsible for the quality, discoverability, and accuracy of the content, enabling productivity at scale.

Required Skills:

Documentation Engineer/Technical Writer Responsibilities:

  1. Design, create, curate, and maintain content for tools and processes used within Meta.

  2. Ensure the quality, discoverability, and accuracy of content.

  3. Use metrics to monitor and improve overall content health.

  4. Synthesize user needs, best practices, business priorities, engineering constraints, and other contextual information to formulate, articulate, and advocate for content-related decisions.

  5. Build strong, collaborative relationships with Product Managers, Engineering, UX Designers, Support, and with your writing team colleagues.

  6. Educate and train Engineers and other Meta employees to create useful documentation.

  7. Help to promote a culture of documentation at Meta.

  8. Create and maintain code samples and sample applications, as needed.

Minimum Qualifications:

Minimum Qualifications:

  1. BA/BS in Computer Science or English or equivalent work experience.

  2. 6+ years experience in writing, technical documentation, and/or authoring complex technical documentation for multiple audiences.

  3. Experience independently defining and driving technical documentation projects.

  4. Established record of project ownership, project management, and self-direction.

  5. Experience working with markdown content formatting.

  6. Experience interpreting example code so that it can be explained to users.

  7. Experience producing and organizing content with a logical flow.

  8. Excellent analytical and written communication skills.

  9. Experience communicating clearly and effectively with peers, colleagues, customers, and project teams.

  10. Experience meeting multiple deadlines.

  11. Experience setting priorities and escalating issues appropriately.

Preferred Qualifications:

Preferred Qualifications:

  1. Prior experience as a Technical Writer/Documentation Engineer at Meta.

  2. Experience programming, using the command-line, trying out user interfaces, and working with prototypes in test environments.

Industry: Internet