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Laminar Enthusiastic and Proactive IT Administrative Support (Portugal) in Portugal

This is not an offshoring back-office job for an international company. You will be a key player in our globally distributed team.  

We’re searching for an Enthusiastic and Proactive  IT Administrative Support person to help us tie our systems together, keeping the vital organs of our team working! If you have a passion for ensuring things run smoothly, have an eye for detail and are a proactive problem solver, we need you!  

Read on!  

(this will be a long write up but we like to give you all the details before you spend your time applying) 

We are Laminar Projects! 

We are an award winning consultancy that implements technology to improve the delivery of complex construction projects. Improving construction strengthens the very foundation of human civilisation. (Watch our short film about (https://youtu.be/PxcBZupiI7Y) it) 

We also have a separate product team, Shape Construction, that takes the deep understanding of the projects we work on to develop construction management software products. 

The core of all this is our true secret sauce; people. We only recruit kind and authentic people who are fast learners. We are deeply focused on designing a new type of place that is optimised for the flourishing of the people in the team first and foremost. This approach has allowed us to grow from just 2 people in 2017 to over 170 today and we are still very much at the beginning! Joining us isn’t just some “job”, we challenge you to be your best self in all aspects of life. 

Our vision is designed to align how we operate with the fundamental aspects that enable anyone to have a fulfilled life: 

  • Connects us with meaningful relationships 

  • Inspires us to develop ourselves to become better humans 

  • Empowers us to pursue our own learning adventures 

4 core values for a good life 

We believe a life of human flourishing is all about meaningful relationships with others and challenging yourself to create a positive impact. Our four core values are grow yourself, care about people, execute to greatness and build civilisation. This philosophy goes much deeper and you can see more on our website. 

We are achieving this vision through the following two missions:  

  • To fully digitise the construction of human civilisation 

  • To create a new type of organisation that enables human flourishing while delivering a huge positive impact on society 

The Role 


Purpose of the role 

The primary purpose of this role is to provide essential administrative support to our IT Compliance & Governance Manager. You will assist in ensuring that our systems and processes adhere to regulatory standards, while also providing general IT support to our teams across Laminar. We are looking for someone who is able to grow with the role, with the ability to take on increasing responsibilities, in due course, including stepping in for and representing the IT manager, when required. The IT team will be initially be responsible for ISO 27001 accreditation and compliance before slowly expanding its remit. 


You will be joining a newly formed IT team,  led by our IT Compliance & Governance Manager, which will work collaboratively with, and is supported by, the broader Operations team. This team is committed to excellence, continuous improvement and fostering professional growth.  

Your top 3 objectives 

  • Ensure compliance with industry standards and regulations. 

  • Provide first class administrative and technical support to internal teams. 

  • Demonstrate leadership potential and commitment to professional growth. 

Your top 5 responsibilities 

  • Assist in Compliance Maintenance: Support the implementation and maintenance of IT compliance policies and procedures to ensure adherence to regulatory standards. 

  • Administrative and Technical Support: Provide timely and effective administrative and technical support to internal stakeholders, troubleshooting issues and ensuring smooth operations. 

  • Cross-Functional Collaboration: Collaborate with cross-functional teams to align on compliance requirements and best practices. 

  • Audit and Assessment: Assist in conducting audits and assessments to identify areas for improvement and ensure compliance with industry standards. 

  • Documentation and Communication: Document IT processes and procedures and communicate effectively to internal teams to ensure compliance and efficiency. 

Your Capabilities 

You demonstrate adaptability and versatility, capable of seamlessly transitioning between tasks such as troubleshooting, communicating effectively with stakeholders, researching solutions, and executing support tasks to ensure smooth IT operations. 

As a candidate, you should have: 


  • Must-Have (The fundamentals) 

  • Mastery: Demonstrates an eagerness to learn and adapt to new technologies and processes, complemented by a bachelor's degree in computer science, Information Technology, or a related field. Proficient in technical areas pertinent to IT support, including familiarity with various operating systems such as Windows, macOS, and Linux. Possesses knowledge of hardware components and troubleshooting techniques, alongside experience utilizing software applications commonly used in IT support, such as ticketing systems and remote desktop tools. 

  • Communication: Clear and effective communication skills, both written and verbal in English. 

  • Leadership: Willingness to take initiative and assist team members as needed. 

  • Impact: Ability to work collaboratively in a team environment and contribute positively to team goals. 


  • Nice to Have (If you don’t have it now, you will after joining) 

  • Mastery: Basic understanding of IT principles and concepts, complemented by a graduate education in a relevant field and certifications (e.g., computer science, information technology, etc.). 

  • Communication: Precise and structured communicator both written and verbal English 

  • Leadership: Demonstrated leadership potential through extracurricular activities or previous roles. 

  • Impact: Familiarity with industry standards or regulations related to IT compliance and governance. 


  • Laminar isn’t the place for you if any of the following is true: 

  • You want an easy, chilled-out role without much challenge 

  • You like to be the smartest person in the room 

  • You don’t like continuously receiving honest candid feedback 

  • You prefer to do your own thing rather than work with a team 


At Laminar we value diverse experiences and perspectives, empowering each member to contribute their unique expertise towards our collective success, so if you don’t think you meet all the criteria but still are excited about this role we encourage you to apply anyways! 

Salary and Benefits 


Standard Stuff 

  • Competitive salary dependent on location and capability  

  • Paid Annual Leave 25 days + statutory Bank Holidays 

  • Private health insurance 

  • Discretionary bonus scheme for all team members. 

  • All required travel costs outside of your local area are covered 


The Life-Changing Stuff 

  • Flexibility: Getting things done is what really matters, not what time of day you do it. That means you don’t have to ask permission for things like picking up your kids or going to the doctor, just keep your team in the loop if you think they will be affected.  

  • Grow your whole self: Our leaders are more like coaches and one of our main objectives is to give 5 years’ worth of learning and development for every 1 year with us. You have a coach, mentor, well-being therapist and a development-orientated environment: That’s literally what our vision is all about and the primary reason Laminar exists. 

  • Be surrounded by the best: We only hire and retain the very best people. You might be used to being the smartest in the room but that won’t be the case in Laminar. You will be surrounded by people you can learn from. We are 100% meritocratic so fast progression is the norm. You will be supported to excel in whichever areas you are most interested in! With Laminar, development is unbounded 

  • Long-term impact: We are focused on solving the biggest issues in construction project delivery in a way that can spread and outlast us 


We get thousands of applications so please write us a letter as part of your application explaining:  

  • Why do you want to join us?   

  • If you joined, where do you think you could make the most impact and how? 

We aren't a giant faceless corporation; we really care about the people who want to join our team so all applications will be read thoroughly by our key leaders. 

In terms of application, we usually start with an intro call to tell you what we are all about in a casual conversation. That helps you to know us a bit better and tell us a bit about yourself. 

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