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Zero Point, Inc Training Range Technician Level II in Virginia Beach, Virginia



Position Title: Training Range Technician Level II Date: 8/10/2023

Department: Strategic Services Reports To : VP Strategic Services

Location: Virginia Beach, VA Status: Exempt (Contingent upon award)


The Training Range Technician Level II SME provides general range maintenance and repair of equipment and buildings requiring practical skill and knowledge (but not proficiency) in such trades as painting, carpentry, plumbing, masonry, and electrical work. Work involves a variety of the following duties: replacing electrical receptacles, wires, switches, fixtures, and motors, using plaster or compound to patch minor holes and cracks in walls and ceilings, repairing or replacing sinks, water coolers, and toilets; painting structures and equipment; repairing or replacing concrete floors, steps, and sidewalks, replacing damaged paneling and floor tiles, hanging doors and installing door locks, replacing broken window panes, and performing general maintenance on equipment and machinery.

Training Range Technician Level II range maintenance and target support consists of broad variety of maintenance, repair and logistics functions and tasks in order to ensure that training areas and live-fire ranges are available, set-up, and ready for use by the customer for training. Range maintenance and target support explicitly does NOT include participating in, or being down range for, live-fire training to include operation of assorted electronic, pneumatic, or other automated and programmable targets. Range maintenance does include the maintenance and repair of deployable targets, setting up those targets on the ranges, and instructing the trainers in their operation and use, and, troubleshooting the targets during pauses in the training evolutions if needed.

This position performs maintenance, repairs, and support to ensure training ranges remain in operationally ready and safe conditions. All personnel supporting maintenance of live fire ranges need to do so in accordance with applicable Navy directives (e.g., UFC SMALL ARMS RANGES, MIL-HDBK 828, NAVSEA OP-5, (AR 385-63) for compliance and safety.


  • Performs maintenance, repair, and install various types of equipment and training aids.

  • Performs tasks in support of range complex and training requirements.

  • Operate range maintenance (e.g., tools, saws) and logistics support equipment and vehicles (e.g., forklifts, front-end loaders, dump trucks, excavators, motorboats) in the daily execution of responsibilities.

  • Capable of performing any of the tasks identified in the PWS or its referenced Service Contract Act occupation types.

  • Capable of maintaining and assisting in the set-up of deployable targets of various type and manufacture (e.g., ATA).

  • Possess a broad range of general maintenance and logistics support skills and be capable of performing any of the collective project capabilities.

  • Use government fuel cards for refueling government furnished equipment/vehicles as required in the performance of other duties as specified in the task order.

  • Schedule range maintenance and range use in the Range Scheduling tool.

  • Operate target systems, such as PITS for live-fire evolutions from behind the firing line and under the direction of the Range Safety Officer (RSO) at selected range complexes.

  • Maintain live fire range facilities IAW NAVSEA OP-5, AR 385-63, DA Pam 385-63, MIL-HNDBK-828B and other DoD and local directives as required for compliance and safety.

  • Perform inspection, function tests, maintenance, and repair of portable and installed target systems. Troubleshoot, repair, or replace as required.

  • Establish and maintain an inventory of common repair parts and tools required to maintain/repair portable and installed target systems.

  • Inspect, maintain and repair installed and portable bullet traps.

  • Inspect, maintain and repair ballistic protection/encapsulation systems consisting of ARSOO steel, Rubber, Lexan, Armortex, etc. (e.g. Close Quarters Combat facilities, Indoor Shooting Ranges, baffled ranges, etc.).

  • Fabricate façades, target structures, obstacles, theatre specific gates and doors as required.

  • Fabricate and install targets made of brick, block, adobe, sheet steel, wood, drywall, corrugate steel.

  • Install hollow core, solid core, residential steel, industrial steel, marine grade watertight doors and hatches, gates, windows, and various locking systems for use as targets.

  • Inventory management of various target types (paper, 3-D, head plates, backer board, doors, windows, and locks) to ensure proper quantities are on band.

  • Inventory management of maintenance and repair parts to ensure readiness.

  • Removal of range residue. Use and maintain residue removal devices.

  • Provide range capability, limitations, and safety briefs to using activities.

  • Conduct pre- and post-training event inspections. Document and report damage to Range Manager or Facility Manager.

  • Assist in requirements generation for training range assigned.

  • Conduct maintenance, troubleshooting and repairs to various range and target electronic systems and components. Systems include, but are not limited to: Close Quarter Combat recording systems, range communication, audio, cameras, illuminators, special effects and range control devices, simulation devices, Location of Miss and Hit (LOMAH) targets, acoustic and thermal live-fire “Gaming” systems, pop-up targets, running target and remote-control systems.

  • Understand function and use of various sensor systems for target activation.

  • Calibration of target systems.

  • Assist in preparing ranges and supporting documents for inspections for Range, Explosive and Laser safety and compliance.

  • Paint structures and devices as required.

  • Maintain static and portable range systems.

  • By visual and physical inspection, ensure all range and target system safety devices, design features, and safety alarm systems operate correctly.

  • Maintain and program automated range equipment (specialized training to be provided).

  • Maintain records of findings of maintenance and repairs made. Maintain specifications and other detailed characteristics on range and target equipment, associated range support equipment, selected machinery designated for upkeep by range technical personnel, and key parts, etc. which require inspection as part of preventive maintenance program and range safety.

  • Set-up and take down target systems ahead of training evolutions to include target systems at both indoor and outdoor ranges such as Rogers Range systems or Portable Infantry Target Systems (PITS).

  • Participate in range cleanup as required. Assist with range facilities cleanup to ensure compliance with environmental, industrial hygiene, and safety regulations.

  • Maintain and repair targets.

  • Conduct repairs on live fire target apparatuses.

  • Patch or replace plywood walls with no finishing requirements.

  • Hang or assist in hanging wooden household type doors and other target incidentals.

  • Target fabrication & procurement.

  • Make recommendations for requirements, upgrades, and modifications for range control and monitoring systems or equipment, tools, and automated target systems.

  • Research, deliver, and stow target materials.

  • Modify range equipment, target systems, and facilities as directed.

  • Construct realistic replication of enemy target sites.

  • Build basic target structures of both wood and mild steel.

  • Schedule range maintenance and range use in the Range Scheduling tool located on Government server.

  • As required, assist in instructing NSW training personnel in the safe operation, handling, storage, and basic troubleshooting of range and target systems.

  • Operate commercial vehicles to include I-ton pickup truck, SK forklift, and light duty front-end loaders.

  • Perform other range or training area range set-up, maintenance, and repair duties as assigned/tasked by government Maintenance Supervisor.

  • Use government fuel cards for refueling government furnished equipment/vehicles as required in the performance of other duties as specified in the task order.

  • Maintain a clean workspace.


  • Possess a secret security clearance prior to beginning support of this effort and maintain said clearance throughout duration of support of this effort.

  • Possess and maintain a valid state driver’s license and be able to obtain appropriate special license/certification for equipment required for their specific position in accordance with the NA VF AC P-300. Equipment to be operated may include forklifts, I-ton stake truck, hydraulic equipment, bush hogs/mowers, and ATVs, etc. Specific maintenance, repair, and logistics equipment operated may vary by geographic range region and range complex. Possess excellent work ethics, verbal and written communication skills and be detailed and accurate in performing all administrative and routine functions.

  • Be able to work in an environment that is fast paced while completing multiple tasks and meeting stringent timelines. Be able to work independently without direct supervision; Be able to write correspondence in a military format when necessary, such as correspondence using the Navy Correspondence Manual (specific to the team leads and range liaison personnel).

  • Be willing to attend and satisfactorily complete, required training associated with job responsibilities.

  • Cross-train with other contracted positions to fill in during absences (specific to exempt/salaried positions).

  • Capable of performing data entry on PC-based computers utilizing current versions of Microsoft Windows and Office products.

  • Basic understanding of Naval Special Warfare combat skills training and how this training is supported on live fire ranges.

  • Capable of lifting and carrying a minimum of 70 lbs. unassisted.


  • JEBLC, Fort Story, VA and NAS Oceana Annex, VA

    • If an individual is unable to perform an essential function of the job using current methods due to a disability, then reasonable accommodation options must be explored.

    An employee may be asked to perform additional functions that s/he is capable of performing, with or without accommodation.

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Full Time

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