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SCHOTT North America, Inc. Production Operator in Vincennes, Indiana

  • Work preparation: Verifies production orders and sets up machines and production lines as derived from production orders. Selects auxiliary materials and operating materials as required for the fulfillment of the orders.
  • Operation, monitoring: Monitors and controls post processing machines and production lines. Monitors the process of machining and corrects machine settings in case of upcoming errors. Stops the process if necessary and resets the production parameters. Informs supervisor in case of greater deviations which influence the production process.
  • Set up work: Executes required set up work at the machines in case of changes of production orders.
  • Quality: Ensures adherence to quality and deadlines of production orders according to quality specifications and production plans. Conducts quality checks due to specifications including documentation. Conducts special tests according to instructions.
  • Cleaning: Performs required cleaning work at machines and production lines according to cleaning plans.
  • Documentation: Documents the production processes by using prescribed documents and keys in data.
  • Maintenance: Initiates maintenance work at production lines to reduce production break downs and to fullfill work safety requirements. Performs non-complicated correction and maintenance measures in case of disturbances during production process.