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Westchester Medical Center Lab Assistant in Valhalla, New York

Job Summary : The Lab Assistant performs non-professional routine laboratory tests or procedures and assists with complex laboratory tests. The work may involve performing the preparation, dispensing and sterilization of media, as well as the preparation and sterilization of glassware. Work is subject to shift assignment and may involve acting in a lead capacity over subordinate staff. Does related work as required.


  • Receives, opens and sorts mailed and hand delivered specimens for diagnostic examinations.

  • Dates and time stamps all request slips.

  • Numbers specimens and request slips with laboratory work number.

  • Enters all specimens and pertinent specimen-patient data into accession book with assigned specimen laboratory numbers on samples of blood, cerebral spinal fluid, body fluids, stools, urine, wound swabs and nose/throat swabs.

  • Performs basic laboratory work such as staining slides and preliminary preparation of specimens for testing.

  • Files and retrieves laboratory reports.

  • Reports findings upon request by a physician or other authorized person and logs each telephone request as to patient's name, hospital number, date specimen collected, and to whom report was given, followed by personnel signature and distribution of report.

  • May perform a variety of routine tasks involved in maintenance of work area including disinfecting workbench areas and centrifuges and ordering necessary supplies.

  • Will be required to perform additional duties upon request.

  • Responsible for walking over samples to and from the lab throughout the hospital.

    When Assigned to Chemistry:

  • Receives all samples delivered to the laboratory for chemical analyses.

  • Dates and time stamps all laboratory forms submitted with samples and checks forms to ensure they are properly filled out and requested analyses are clearly indicated.

  • Numbers samples and laboratory forms with laboratory work number.

  • Cleans, prepares and distributes sample preservatives and sample collection bottles ensuring each has been properly treated to prevent sample contamination.

  • Cleans and prepares laboratory glassware and pipettes, utilizing the various required techniques to prevent sample contamination.

  • Prepares sample aliquots for analyses and preserves samples for storage.

  • Maintains work area and instrumentation in a clean and safe manner and in operational condition.

  • Prepares, as required, solutions and reagents.

  • Delivers media and glassware as required.

  • Collects used glassware and contaminated materials.

  • Maintains assigned areas, instrumentation and equipment in a safe manner and at operational readiness.


    Experience: Some experience in a laboratory setting. Any combination of education, training and experience that has supplied the necessary knowledge, skills and experience to perform the essential functions of the job,preffered.

    Education : High school or equivalency diploma, required.