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PruittHealth CNA (North Florida) in UNITED STATES, Florida


Provides each of the assigned patients with routine daily nursing care and services in accordance with the patient’s assessment and care plan, and as directed by the nurse supervisor.


  1. Provides care ensuring patient/resident safety

  2. Applies & releases restraints, and provides exercise

  3. Assists patients in and out of bed and into wheelchair with the correct use of the transfer belt and practices proper body mechanics while moving/transferring patients

  4. Assists patients in bathing: to include bed baths, tub baths, and showers

  5. Assists patients in dressing or undressing, and personal grooming e.g., oral/denture care, brushing hair, trimming fingernails and toenails, skin care and shaving

  6. Assists patients to and from activities as requested

  7. Assists patients to dining area for meals; assists in feeding of patients as needed; passes food trays to individual patients in accordance with diet cards on tray and needs; documents intake of nourishment. Is able to identify the four basic food groups on a sample breakfast, lunch, and dinner meal

  8. Assists with admissions, discharges, and transfers as requested; understands and utilizes care plans

  9. Collects stool and urine samples per care plan; cleans bedpans and empty catheter bags, provides external/indwelling catheter care

  10. Displays proper use and care of lift equipment

  11. Offers fluids at appropriate times (including routine ice and water rounds) and distributes fresh water to patients and picks up used water pitchers.

  12. Properly documents in accordance with established guidelines; receives and gives reports on patient’s status or condition.

  13. Provides for bowel and bladder training/retraining, provides colostomy care

  14. Provides range of motion exercises for patients

  15. Provides routine care for the bedfast patient; turns patient intermittently if patient is bedridden due to illness

  16. Recognizes and reports signs/ symptoms of abuse and/or change in condition

  17. Removes bedding and replaces with clean linens per schedule or condition

  18. Takes vital signs of patient, e.g., temperature, blood pressure, and respiration and records information and documents/reports information regarding the patient’s health, I&O, any change of medical condition, and care given


A minimum of a high school diploma or its equivalent


Active, current and unrestricted Certified Nursing Assistance certification in the appropriate state

Should be a certified nurse assistant in accordance with the laws of the issuing state