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Twin Falls County Deputy Public Defender in Twin Falls, Idaho

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Twin Falls County

Deputy Public Defender

SALARY \$74,984.00 - \$100,000.00 Annually LOCATION Twin Falls County, ID

JOB TYPE Full-time JOB NUMBER 202300074

DEPARTMENT Public Defender OPENING DATE 09/11/2023


Position Information

Apply online at www.twinfallscounty.org.

The Office of Twin Falls County Public Defender is responsible for defending indigent criminal defendants in Twin Falls

County. We have full-time openings for both misdemeanor and felony deputy public defenders. Prior courtroom and jury

trial experience is a plus.

Job Description


Are you a passionate advocate for justice, eager to champion the rights of individuals and looking for a role that\'s

anything but mundane? Step right up! As a Deputy Public Defender, you\'ll embark on an exhilarating journey that will

challenge, inspire, and offer countless opportunities to make a lasting impact. Here\'s a taste of what awaits you:

1. Dynamic Courtroom Appearances: Stand as the voice for clients who can\'t afford representation. Every day

presents a new story, a unique challenge, and an opportunity to serve, grow and learn!

2. Engage in Riveting Case Investigations: Work with our two full-time criminal investigators as you dive deep into

the facts of each case. Meet intriguing characters, uncover hidden truths, and piece together stories that will help

balance the scales of justice.

3. Craft Compelling Legal Strategies: Every case is a new puzzle waiting to be solved. Combine creativity with legal

prowess to build winning strategies that safeguard your clients rights.

4. Continuous Learning: Stay on top of the game with access to fascinating workshops, conferences, in-house

training and brainstorming and strategy sessions that ensure you\'re always equipped with the latest legal tools,

knowledge and skills to succeed.

5. Collaborate with a Diverse Team: Bounce ideas off an ensemble of quirky, smart, and passionate professionals.

From investigators to fellow defenders, youre part of a team that\'s as diverse as the cases you handle.

Duties / Responsibilities

Duties / Responsibilities

ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES (illustrative only and may vary by assignment)

Represent clients in magistrate and district court with passion, conviction and finesse.

Craft legal strategies using your knowledge of facts, precedents, and statutes.

Prepare legal documents that leave an impact: motions, briefs, exhibits, and more.

Lend your expertise to senior attorneys, especially in the most intricate criminal cases.

Mark your presence in various life-changing alternative courts.

Manage time carefully, ensuring every case is given care and concern by scheduling functions, meeting deadlines

and setting project priorities.

Be the friendly face answering queries of the court, clerks, staff, Commissioners, and others in a courteous and timely


Protect confidentiality; ensuring the confidence of our clients and the profession.

Performs all work duties and activities in accordance with County policies, procedures and safety practices.

Juggle roles seamlessly, also assisting in juvenile court, mental health hearings and child protection court as needed.


Continually refine your expertise; attend legal trainings and workshops.

Step in for fellow attorneys, ensuring no case goes unattended.

Accept special assignments, each a step raising the bar.




The requirements listed below are only representative of the minimum knowledge, skill, and/or ability required for an

individual to satisfactorily perform each essential duty s atisfactorily and be successful in the position.

Knowledge of:

The intricate interaction of Constitutional law, criminal procedures, evidence rules, and ethics;

The web of legal, court, and judicial procedures;

The ever-evolving county, state, and federal legal frameworks;

English grammar, spelling, punctuation and composition;

Techniques to unravel legal questions and negotiate challenging cases.

Skill and Ability to:

Analyze, appraise, and organize facts, evidence, and precedents in determining the various aspects, alternatives, and

possible outcomes of cases;

Present material to opponents and develop an appropriate legal strategy;

Appear without assistance in court and o