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Twin Falls County Deputy Prosecuting Attorney in Twin Falls, Idaho

This job was posted by https://idahoworks.gov : For more information, please see: https://idahoworks.gov/ada/r/jobs/1518148 &table class="tabContentTable" role="presentation" border="0" summary="" width="1000" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="3" align="center"&&tbody id="jobDesc" class="tabBody"&&tr&&td class="tab-section"&&div class="froala-content-display fr-view ngv-fr-view"&&&Apply ONLINE at www.twinfallscounty.org&&&&&&This is an attorney position responsible for the prosecution of crimes in Twin Falls County.&Salary is dependent upon experience.&&&&&&&Resume and cover letter are required for this position.&&&Please attach to online application, email to hr@tfco.org, or fax to 208-735-4395.&/div&&&&&&&/td&&/tr&&tr&&/tr&&tr&&td class="tabSecContentHeading"&&Job Description:&/td&&/tr&&tr&&td class="tab-section"&&div class="froala-content-display fr-view ngv-fr-view"&&u&JOB DESCRIPTION:&/u&&&&&&The Deputy Prosecuting Attorney, Civil Division, is an experienced attorney position responsible for the prosecution of civil cases such as child protection cases, civil asset forfeitures, mental commitments, and other civil cases.& The Deputy Prosecuting Attorney's duties include providing legal advice to county officials and employees on a wide variety of issues such as ordinances, planning and zoning issues, bidding, foreclosures, federal bankruptcy, county assistance, negotiating and reviewing contracts, representing the county in legal actions or litigation, preparing legal pleadings, forms, orders, contracts and other paperwork, attending court hearings and other proceedings, and negotiating settlement.&& The Deputy Prosecuting Attorney works under the direction of the Chief Civil Deputy Prosecuting Attorney, but has considerable latitude to exercise independent judgment and initiative. When necessary, assistance is available from the Chief Civil Deputy Prosecuting Attorney or other senior staff.& The principal duties of the Deputy Prosecuting Attorney, Civil Division are performed in the office and the courtroom. &The Deputy Prosecuting Attorney, Civil Division is on-call 24-hours to respond to legal issues from law enforcement officers, defense attorneys, judges and other prosecuting attorneys.&&&&/div&&&&&&&/td&&/tr&&tr&&td class="tabSecContentHeading"&&Duties / Responsibilities:&/td&&/tr&&tr&&td class="tab-section"&&div class="froala-content-display fr-view ngv-fr-view"&&&&u&ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES:&/u&&&&&&em&&(illustrative only and may vary by assignment)&/em&&&&&&&ul&&li&Prosecutes child protection cases including screening for filing the appropriate petition, conducts trials and necessary hearings;&/li&&li&Negotiates and reviews contracts for county business including, but not limited to, professional service contracts, construction contracts and general goods and services contracts;&/li&&li&Prosecutes forfeiture cases including screening, conducting trials, negotiating settlements;&/li&&li&Provides legal advice to county officials and employees in a wide variety of subjects including, but not limited to, probate, quiet title, guardianships, foreclosures, federal bankruptcy, county assistance, administrative proceedings, personnel matters, tax appeal hearings, etc.;&/li&&li&Represents the County in legal actions or litigation including, but not limited to, probate, quiet title, Tax Commission appeal hearings and Department of Labor appeal hearings;&/li&&li&Directs staff in the preparation of pleadings, forms, orders, contracts and other paperwork;&/li&&li&Responds to legal questions from law enforcement agencies;&/li&&li&Drafts contracts, legal memorandums, pleadings and other necessary paperwork;&/li&&li&Prosecute s commitment proceedings regarding mentally ill patients;&/li&&li&Interacts, mediates and negotiates with opposing counsel, judges, office staff, other agencies and law enforcement offices;&/li&&li&Drafts and reviews county ordinances, zoning ordinances and conducts necessary enforcement proceedings;&/li&&li&Performs time management and scheduling functions, meets deadlines, and sets project priorities;&/li&&li&Responds to questions from Commissioners, county employees and citizens in a courteous and timely manner;&/li&&li&Maintains strict confidentiality in all cases;&/li&&li&Interacts with county employees, customers, visitors and the general public effectively and professionally;&/li&&li&Performs other duties as assigned by the Twin Falls County Prosecuting Attorney;&/li&&li&Performs all work duties and activities in accordance with Twin Falls County Prosecuting Attorney policies and procedures.&/li&&/ul&&&&u&SECONDARY DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES:&/u&&&&ul&&li&Attends Idaho Prosecuting Attorneys Association training to comply with continuing legal education requirements of the Idaho State Bar;&/li&&li&Screens felony crimes, assists with criminal work, grand jury proceedings and post-conviction relief;&/li&&li&Prosecutes conflict cases in other counties;&/li&&li&Assists the juvenile office with screenings and court hearings;&/li&&li&Attends various committee or panel meetings.&/li&&/ul&&/d