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Tuba City Regional Health Utility Systems Repair/Operator (DH1421) in Tuba City, Arizona

In accordance with Navajo Nation and federal law, TCRHCC has implemented an Affirmative Action Plan pursuant to the Navajo Preference in Employment Act. Pursuant to this Plan and corresponding TCRHCC Policy, applicants who meet the necessary qualifications for this position and (1) are enrolled members of the Navajo Nation, Hopi Tribe, or San Juan Southern Paiute Tribe will be given preference in hiring and employment for this position, (2) are legally married to enrolled members of the Navajo Nation, Hopi Tribe, or San Juan Southern Paiute Tribe and meet residency requirements will be given secondary preference, and (3) are enrolled members of other federally-recognized American Indian Tribes will be given tertiary preference.


The primary purpose is to serve as Utility Systems Repairer/Operator in the operation, maintenance, and repair of the heating plant and Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning systems including learning applicable software & controls of TCRHCC clinics and buildings; monitor, adjust, inspect, troubleshoot, maintain, repair, and control all phases of building operations including boiler plant operation participation on a 12-hr shift schedule for 24/7 plant coverage. Work hours are 24-hour coverage rotational, day or night shifts, weekends, holidays and occasional overtime.



High School Diploma or GED


  • Must have a valid state driver’s license with no restriction and maintained throughout employment

  • Certificate of graduation from Air Condition Refrigeration Mechanic Technical School as a Journeyman Air Condition and/or Refrigeration Mechanic

  • Must have current High-Pressure Boiler Operator or Plant Operator Certification

  • Must have and maintain a valid universal certification in EPA Refrigerant Recovery.


A minimum of two (2) years in Plant Maintenance/operation and commercial HVAC repair/maintenance

Other Skills and Abilities:

A record of satisfactory performance in all prior and current employment as evidenced by positive employment references from previous and current employers. All employment references must address and indicate success in each one of the following areas:

  • Positive working relationships with others

  • Possession of high ethical standards and no history of complaints

  • Reliable and dependable; reports to work as scheduled without excessive absences

  • Strong organizational skill; excellent analytical skills to identify, report, and correct issues

  • Task specific proper PPE use

  • Basic computer use (e-mail, word processor, work-related internet search)

  • Excellent Customer Service

  • Excellent Communication

  • Completion of and, above-satisfactory scores on all job interviews, demonstrating to the satisfaction of the interviewees and TCRHCC that the applicant can perform the essential functions of the job

  • Successful completion of and positive results from all background and reference checks, including positive employment references from authorized representatives of past and current employers demonstrating to the satisfaction of TCRHCC a record of satisfactory performance and that the applicant can perform the essential functions of the job

  • Successful completion of fingerprint clearance requirements, physical examinations, and other screenings indicating that the applicant is qualified to be employed by TCRHCC and demonstrating to the satisfaction of TCRHCC that the applicant can perform the essential functions of the job

  • Submission of all required employment-related documents, applications, resumes, references, and other required information free of false, misleading, or incomplete information, as determined by TCRHCC.


The physical and mental demands described here are representative of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform the essential functions of this job. Reasonable accommodation may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.


Physical effort is expended in continually standing and walking, frequently bending, climbing, kneeling, crouching, twisting, maintain balance, reaching; and, climbing and occasionally sitting and driving. Must have ability to work in tight, small, or cramped spaces. Frequently carries, lifts, pulls/pushes parts and equipment weighing up to 75 pounds; and occasionally up to and over 100 pounds.. Work is sometimes on ladders and/or scaffolds, which requires incumbent to work to opening/closing valves overhead in climbing, prone or stooped positions, confined spaces subject to dust and weather temperatures, extremes of heat and cold. Incumbent must be able to use hand manipulation to perform simple and firm grasping; fine manipulations; and use of keyboard frequently.


Incumbent must have good judgment and be able to make decisions in order for equipment to work properly and safety. Must independently determine the nature of the trouble and extent of required repairs. Other mental and emotional requirements include the ability to frequently concentrate and work along; and, frequently cope with high levels of stress; make decisions under high pressure; cope with anger/fear/hostility of others in a calm way; handle a high degree of flexibility; handle multiple priorities in stressful situation; demonstrate a high degree of patience; adapt to shift work; and, work in areas that are close and crowded. The incumbent may occasionally need to be able to manage altercations


Environment exposures will include frequent exposure to dust, fumes, gases, loud noises, and, extremes in temperature or humidity. Other frequently environmental exposures include infectious disease; chemical agents; hazardous or moving equipment; and, unprotected heights.


  • Monitors and controls the environment in remote buildings from a computerized building automation system (BAS) by adjusting operating temperatures and airflow plus starting and stopping of fans. Monitors zone temperatures for critical hospital and research operations. Remotely manages/controls building climate through the direct digital control. Troubleshoots and diagnose building system problems using DDC including maintaining and trouble shooting pharmacy clean room HVAC and operations.

  • Operates and maintains 250, 180, & 80 ton chillers and other chillers which supply chilled water to hospital AC systems. Start, stop, and regulate the AC chillers of the cooling tower fans, and other related support equipment. Performs general preventive maintenance on auxiliary equipment and components. Knows when to take chillers, pumps, air handlers, and cooling tower fans off line, or to place additional ones on line to meet load requirements.

  • Start, regulate, and stop the various items of air handling equipment from the central computer or local switches in fan or equipment rooms. Maintains other HVAC systems including: packaged A/C units, heat pumps, fan coil units, unit heaters, furnaces, cooling tower, flat plate exchanger, and evaporative air handling units and evaporative coolers.

  • Complete log sheets of operations, boilers, chillers, and prepare and submit written reports on work performed, condition of equipment inspected and other subjects that should be attended to by other work group. Records water condition tests, dry and wet bulb temperatures, chiller oil level and oil pressure, water temperature entering and leaving condensers, volt and ampere readings, vacuum pressure, refrigerant temperature and level, high and low pressure readings, humidity, and other readings. Responsible for recording pressure and levels of Liquid Oxygen system, Natural gas, Diesel Fuel, and performs chemical analysis of water conditioning.

  • Inspect compressors and AC units; check for adequate water supply for condensers and levels: adjust controls to maintain pressure on gauges; maintains frequent observation of various gauges to determine how much steam is being produced and whether it is meeting demands or exceeding; makes minor repairs to plumbing and steam equipment; switches or changes alternate motor for pumps and replace packing and checks bearing temperatures.

  • Operates, troubleshoots, and performs preventive maintenance of two high pressure 400 H.P. fire tube boilers, a water boiler, any auxiliary boiler equipment and components utilizing a laptop computer and other methodology. Check system for leaks and steam pressure for normal operation; adjusts valves on steam reducers to ensure required temperature levels. Temperature readings on incoming and outgoing water systems. Adjust thermostats and humidifiers for heating, cooling, and ventilation systems; post readings to charts maintained in machine rooms, etc. Replace thermostats; inspects and regulates various types of pumps.

  • Responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the equipment room. Utilize computerized automated work order system for checking for work orders, inputting updates and completing tickets.

  • Performs routine preventative maintenance (PM) on:

  • Medical gas systems (O2, air and vacuum) including medical air outlets and the pneumatic tube conveying system throughout the hospital and other life-support systems

  • All steam lines-both high and low pressures; installs, modifies, repairs existing steam pressure piping systems and equipment such as steam coils, steam valves, condensate tanks and expansion tanks

  • Incandescent and fluorescent light fixtures, such as changing lamps and replacing broken switches and receptacles.

  • Electrical controls associated with pumps, fans, boilers, and motor controls.

  • Takes CFM reading to the isolation and other rooms as required; calculating, recording and reporting the air changes per hour. Maintains and updates records of all the fire alarm systems, fire sprinkler systems, fire extinguishers and fire suppression systems. Check operation of safety equipment such as flame extinction, renewal of firebox rings, automatic re-ignition, and purge type combustion safeties, filters in air handler units, etc.

  • Participates in the departments 24/7 coverage and call-back schedule in case of emergencies related to building utilities systems and other building maintenance related emergencies as defined by management.

  • Ensure proper PPE is worn at all times while on duty including but not limited to face mask, gloves, gown, NIOSH- approved N95 filtering respirator or higher (if available), and eye or face shield.

  • Complete all donning and doffing tasks in a safe acceptable method and discard of used PPE accordingly. (See CDC website for most current updates).

  • Complete task training for all routine cleaning and decontamination processes for all surfaces contaminated by a communicable disease to ensure a high level of patient, visitor, employee, and external customer satisfaction.

  • Ensure all “red zone” tasks and call backs are per House Supervisor’s and Department Manager’s PPE requirements.

  • Performs other related duties as assigned.

Requisition ID: 2023-1191

External Company Name: Tuba City Regional Health Care Corporation

External Company URL: https://tchealth.org/

Street: PO Box 600

Telecommute: No