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EAST FARMS LC Vegetable Farm Laborer (Temporary) in TREMONTON, Utah

Temporary Need: 04/20/24 - 12/01/24. Two (2) full-time, seasonal, temporary Vegetable Farm Laborers needed. Location: Work will be performed in Tremonton, Utah. Wage is $16.63/hr. Hours: 40 hours/week, Mon-Fri. 7:00 am - 4:00 pm. No experience is required. Duties include: Planting, weeding, irrigating, harvest, packing of vegetable crops. Workers will be expected to work in all types of weather ie cold, heat, rain, snow, as well as different hours of the day and night depending on needs of crops. Workers must me familiar with flood, drip and sprinkler irrigation on large farm scale. Also must be skilled at weeding and thinning crops. Workers must be able to harvest said crops and lift at least 75lbs. Various tasks are performed thoughout the season such as planting, weeding, installing irrigation, harvest, and cleanup. Repetitive movements, extensive walking, bending, stooping, pushing and pulling for long periods of time; will work in extreme temperatures, working in hot, dry, dusty, cold, sometimes wet and snowy conditions according to weather. Terms and conditions of employment: Workers must be available for the entire work period. Workers are required to keep all property, housing, and farm buildings clean, and must adhere to all safety rules as instructed by the supervisor; employee must be willing to perform tasks capably and efficiently without close supervision; absences from work and/or failure to perform required tasks will not be tolerated; must be able to provide employment eligibility documentation (I9 verification) upon hire. Tools, room, board, kitchen facilities and transportation provided at no cost to workers. The employer will provide, at no cost to the worker, Workers' Compensation coverage or private insurance which is equal to Workers' Compensation laws for comparable employment. Applicants that have not worked in crop harvesting during the past twelve (12) months, up to two (2) references will be required. The employer guarantees to offer the worker employment for a total number of work days equal to at least 3/4's of the total work period beginning with the first workday after the arrival of the worker at the place of employment or advertised contractual first day of need. Whichever is later to occur, and ending on the expiration date specified. Upon completion of the work contract period, or if the employee is terminated without cause, and the worker has no immediate subsequent H-2A employment, the employer will prrovide or pay for the workers transportation and daily subsistence from the place of employment to the place from which the worker, disregarding intervening employment, departed to work for the employer. When the worker will not be returning to the place of recruitment due to subsequent employment with another employer who agrees to pay such costs, the employer only pays for the transportation to the next job. The amount of such transportation payment will be equal to the worker's actual transportation costs not exceed the most economical and reasonable common carrier transportation charges for the distance involved. Employees eligible for reimbursement under the program will be provided subsistence reimbursement of a minimum of $15.88 per 24-hour travel period or the CONUS meal reimbursement rate $59.00 maximum when receipts are provided for travel within the United States. The offered wage equals or exceeds the highest of the prevailing wage (AWER) that is issued and determined by DOL for the time period the work is performed (or whichever is the highest rate). This job is in connection with a future H-2A labor certification application.