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Manchester Roofing Inc Roofer in Toledo, Ohio

This is a full-time, temporary position. This job order may lead to the filing of an H-2B application. Disclosure of job order & Notice of Worker Rights can be viewed at any OhioMeansJobs center.

JOB TITLE: Commercial Roofing Laborer  MULTIPLE WORKSITES: Lucas area including the county of Lucas  


JOB DESCRIPTION: Start / End dates: 04/01/2024 - 12/05/2024.  Installation of single-ply EPDM and TPO membrane, built-up-roofing, metal, skylight installations on both flat and sloped roof surfaces. Hoist roofing materials to roofs, carry materials up ladders, remove old roof material. Remove snow, water, or debris from roofs prior to applying roofing materials.  

REQUIREMENTS: Random drug/alcohol and background checks paid for by employer. Ability to lift/carry 50 lbs. Must be able to work in excess of 15 ft off the ground.

WORK HOURS: 8:00 am - 4:00 pm Monday - Friday  


WAGE OFFER: $28.72 per hour paid weekly / Overtime $43.08 per hour 

All deductions from the worker's paycheck required by law will be made.


BOARD, LODGING, OR FRINGE BENEFITS No board, lodging, or fringe benefits apply.  

DAILY TRANSPORTATION (OPTIONAL) Workers are responsible for daily transportation to and from the designated pick-up location. Employer will then provide each work crew with daily transportation among the worksite locations.

FIRST WORKWEEK GUARANTEE Workers will be reimbursed in the first workweek for all visas, visa processing, border crossing, and other related fees, including those mandated by the government (except passport fees).

Inbound / Outbound Transportation and Subsistence If the worker completes 50% of the work contract period, the employer will reimburse the worker for transportation and subsistence from the place of recruitment to the place of work. Upon completion of the work contract or where the worker is dismissed earlier, the employer will provide or pay for the worker's reasonable costs of return transportation and subsistence back home or to the place the worker originally departed to work, except where the worker will not return due to subsequent employment with another employer or where the employer has appropriately reported a worker's voluntary abandonment of employment. The amount of transportation payment or reimbursement will be equal to the most economical and reasonable common carrier for the distances involved. Daily meals will be provided at a rate of at least $15.46 per day during travel to a maximum of $59.00 per day with receipts.

Provision of Tools, Supplies, and Equipment The employer will provide workers at no charge all tools, supplies, and equipment required to perform the job.

Single Workweek for Pay The employer will use a single workweek as its standard for computing wages due.

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