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Donald Martens & Sons Ambulance Services EMT in Toledo, Ohio

Click here: Get to know us... (https://video214.com/play/oRQ0vgaaDY0SdWXRbnmKUA/s/dark) Pay rate starts at $18.00/hour $1,000 sign-on bonus available (+ this position is employee referral bonus eligible) Brief Description:

Responsible for patient transport and assessment of patient's needs, excluding administering drugs and cardiac monitoring.

Must maintain EMT and CPR certification to retain job position.

General Conditions:

Shift:8 and 12 hour scheduled shifts

Flooring: Metal substructure with plywood overlay, linoleum base in ambulance. May encounter surfaces such as grass, concrete, carpet and/or tile when working in a client's home or hospital structure.


Temperature:Varies, depending on time of year

Safety Equipment: Gloves, Jacket, Personal Protective Equipment

Material Handling








30+ x/hour

Floor to waist


40 to 50 lbs



Pull Stairchair 220 lbs/F

Positional Requirements:





On an infrequent basis, to enter and exit vehicle with 15" and 6" step, respectively.


Various neck and trunk postures, depending on the particular tasks being performed.

Upper Extremities

Most work performed at waist level, but may have to use upper extremities overhead or chest level.

Lower Extremities

Frequently standing, but can also frequently have knees at a 90-degree angle. May be required at times to squat, stoop and/or kneel.

Tools and Equipment

Oxygen tanks, stretcher (cot) and Stair Chair.

Primary Job Tasks

  • Medium Strength Range

  • This position requires carrying of monitors.

  • Must be able to pull a StairChair with an approximately 220 lb individual (Two person) up a flight of stairs, which requires 220 lbs/F.

  • Push/pull loaded cart from a vehicle with a (195 lb client on an infrequent basis) which requires 50 lbs/F / 45 lbs/F

  • Oxygen small tanks need to be stocked in the ambulance which need to be lifted from floor to waist level and weigh 9 lbs each.

  • Provide staffing for ambulance.

  • Respond to all emergency requests within a reasonable amount of time and list time; treating patient as indicated by protocols.

  • Develop and maintain skills and knowledge of all equipment on board ambulance.

  • Provide medical support to air transports (i.e. Metro Life Flight)

  • Complete checking of squad equipment at the start of each shift.

  • Assist in orientation of new employees.

  • Communicate staff and equipment needs to supervisor.

  • Participate actively in company projects and goal achievements.

  • Display increasing proficiency and skills in procedures.

  • Must complete EMT-A refresher course which must be completed within 3 year period prior to expiration date.

  • Maintain other certifications related to their job description.

  • Must maintain accurate reports and patient care documentation of all patient transport.

  • May be asked to assist paramedics when performing invasive procedures.

  • Must be able to properly attach electrodes and monitor leads to patients.

  • Must be able to spike an IV bag.

  • Must show proficiency in performing all Basic EMT skills listed in the 15 DOT Manual.

  • May be required to do ambulettes.

  • Call in and out of all destinations and origins.

  • Retrieve ambulance certification forms from nurse's station or ER desk and return to office in log book.

  • Must have current non-restricted State of Ohio Driver's License.

  • Must be able to position a patient on cot safely.