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Pick N Pull Auto Dismantlers Environmental System Control Operator in Tacoma, Washington

General Position Summary & Responsibilities: The Environmental Systems Control Operator reports to the Regional Environmental Manager. The Environmental Systems Control Operator is responsible for monitoring and controlling the stormwater management system while ensuring that all of his/her/their efforts are compliant with the company Health, Safety, and Environmental standards. Duties include maintenance and upkeep of drainage control structures within the scrap yard; monitoring, maintaining and operating the water treatment plant and wheel wash; oil and chemical spill response; and management and coordination of waste activities. The Environmental Systems Control Operator should possess knowledge of machines and tools including their designs, uses, repair, and maintenance, in addition to relevant equipment, policies, procedures, required to promote environmentally sound operations as outlined by applicable state and regulations. Essential Functions * Stormwater Operations * Monitor stormwater drainage system to control flooding and maintain effective stormwater drainage at the facility * Clean and maintain existing drainage and control structures, as well as any associated catch basins, manholes, lift stations, tanks, filter beds, separators, sumps, pumps and other stormwater structures. * Coordinate third-party contractors for stormwater system cleaning. * Inspect the facility to assist with the implementation of the sites Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan and associated stormwater Best Management Practices. * Water Treatment Plant & Wheel Wash * Operate and maintain the water treatment plant and vehicle wheel wash according to site operating procedures and in accordance with permitted requirements. * Maintain machinery and equipment, and perform minor repairs or adjustments using the appropriate hand tools. * Report all equipment deficiencies or malfunctions requiring maintenance or repair to the proper supervisor. * Waste Management * Identify, remove, pack, transport, or dispose of various waste materials, which may include hazardous, non-hazardous, universal, and special wastes. * Properly collect, label, and store hazardous waste within the yard and assist with and prepare waste for shipment. * Coordinate shipments with waste vendors * Inspect waste accumulation or storage areas to ensure compliance with Washington State Dangerous Waste Regulations. * Emergency Response * Coordinate with and sometimes lead operations to properly respond to oil and chemical spill events and ensure proper cleanup, decontamination, and management of waste spill debris. * Respond to all emergency events (i.e. spills, fires, heavy rain, plugged storm lines, etc.) and remedy situation as needed. Employee could be called upon to respond to emergency events during all hours of the day. Job Conditions This position regularly works and is exposed to all weather conditions. Physical hazards such as noise, fumes, and dirt are present due to the equipment, machinery, and scrap as would be found throughout the scrap yard. Safety shoes, hearing protection, respirators, face shields, and additional personal protective equipment as needed, must be worn to eliminate the risks associated with these hazards. Handling multiple issues regarding safety and maintenance increases pressure. Work load may be unpredictable and pressure can be substantial during peak times. Critical deadlines require considerable adaptability. Disturbances of work flow and/or irregularities in work schedule are expected and occur on an intermittent basis. Extra hours/Overtime may be required on nights, weekends, weekdays, and holidays. Physical Activities Required to Perform Essential Functions Abil