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CITY OF SUNLAND PARK Certified Police Officer- Sunland Park NM in Sunland Park, New Mexico

Job Site: Sunland Park NM

PRIMARY PURPOSE: This is an entry level in which employees are trained in general duty police work to protect life and property through the enforcement of laws. Must take oath of office. SUPERVISION AND GUIDELINES: Duties are performed under administrative directive and supervision. Some latitude for independent decision making.

ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS, DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: Patrols an assigned area by car or on foot to prevent crime and maintain law and order; investigates citizen complaints and unusual conditions; makes preliminary investigations; examines roadways, traffic controls, and roadway hazards; enforces traffic regulations; investigates accidents, interviews principals and witnesses, takes statements, clears obstructions, prepares accident report; directs traffic at special events, during emergencies, or when traffic conditions warrant special control; makes arrests, guards prisoners, locates and questions suspects and witnesses, takes statements; prepares reports on investigations, offenses, arrest and activities; collects and identifies evidence; testifies in court; administers first aid to sick and injured persons; controls riots, disturbances and other civil disorders answers inquiries from the public; assists motorists; pedestrians and other citizen; assists other law enforcement agencies; maintains efficiency in the use of weapons and tools; leads and assists lower level officers in the performance of such work; community relations or planning sections; performs related duties as assigned and at the discretion of the Chief of Police.