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ACRT, Inc. Travelling Water Meter Installer Lead Technician in Stow, Ohio

We empower the best people to help sustain our world. 100% employee-owned. Independence guaranteed. Company:Bermex, Inc. About The Team At Bermex, we put value on our customer relationships. We're always looking for a way that we can delight our customers by going the extra mile. Bermex offers expert meter reading services and solutions to utilities and associated organizations throughout the United States, including leak detection, atmospheric corrosion, line location, software service solutions, as well as water, gas, and electric meter services. At Bermex, we are always looking for motivated individuals who enjoy working independently and love the outdoors to become a part of our team. About the Role The Traveling Water Meter Installer Lead Technician reports to the Meter Services Supervisor at Bermex. This position plays a key role in assisting the supervision of Meter Install Technicians and ensuring all meter installations meet quality and safety standards, and acts as a liaison between the Meter Services Supervisor and Meter Installers. This position requires a high degree of communication and leadership skills, excellent time management, and exceptional flexibility day to day.Travel up to 100% of the time to different projects while getting paid! What You'll Do Assist in Daily Operations: Assist the supervisor in monitoring daily production, quality, and field related issues Assist with water line breaks Assist with repairs, as needed Perform audits on work completed by Meter Installers to ensure quality and safety standards are being met Participate in weekly safety meetings Act as a liaison between the Supervisor and Meter Installers to help facilitate team communication Schedule and monitor performance tasks, installs meters and performs validations Performs Meter Installations: Exchange the following electric meter types: 1s, 2s, 2s 320, 12s, 25s, 9s,16s Follow all procedures outlined in the Field Services Manual to safely exchange electric meters, gas modules, or water meters on assigned routes. Each route is different and production expectations are given by the supervisor Identify hazards or unsafe conditions at meter sites and reports accordingly Use handheld devices to collect project specific data points, including but not limited to, site inspection, address verification, old meter number, old meter reading, quality picture of old meter, quality picture of socket, thermal image and temperature scan of socket, new meter number, new meter module number, quality picture of new meter, socket GPS transformer number, transformer GPS, and comments as needed Use a paper copy called a route sheet to record all information on a paper for a backup if it is ever needed Ensure assigned routes are loaded on handhelds and all tools needed for jobs are located and kept in work vehicles Understand and follows all job specific procedures Ensure the timely completion of all routes assigned Return all keys, handhelds, and paperwork as required Return all old meter inventory to appropriate areas at the end of each working day Enter all meter inventory prior to leaving the field in accordance with the inventory needed for the specific route being worked Provides Customer Communication & Ensures Safety: Communicate with customers daily and follows all outlined customer service policies Provide general information about meter services to customers, when applicable Use telephones, tablets, and/or computers to communicate Wear and ensure others wear PPE during meter exchanges and advocates the importance of PPE during normal operations Ensure everyone follows all procedures outlined in the Field Services Manual to safely exchange electric meters, gas modules, or water meters on assign