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Abbott Production Technician II in Shanghai, China

职位目标 Job Purpose : ( 请简述设置该职位的原因及必须达成的目标 /why job exists and what is expected to achieve)


Complete the production tasks of this process(station) according to quality and quantity under the leadership of Leader/ Shift supervisor.


The main positions of this job contain Pouching machine operator, Over wrapping machine operator, Automation equipment operator.


Be responsible for the operation and management of multiple machines to achieve all safety, quality, output related targets.


Be responsible for people management of one production line or more production lines, assist the line leader to arrange the operators and the workers for different positions reasonably, guide and teach new employees, and ensure that the production line to achieve all safety, quality, output related targets.

主要工作职责 Key Responsibilities : ( 概括关键职责、每项职责所要达成的结果 / primary deliverables of roles)


Follow the workshop work discipline and the dress code for entering and exiting the workshop and comply with the arrangement of Leader/ Shift supervisor.


Operate the equipment according to the SOP. Assist engineering team to maintain the equipment according to the safety requirements.


Independently complete the check of materials, whether the information of the materials is consistent with the BOM, whether all materials are within the production validity period and whether they are consistent with the content signed by QA.


Implement according to process files strictly and fill in related documents correctly to ensure the products’ quality.


Be able to deal with common problems independently and communicate with engineering colleagues to solve problems together. Report to the line leader in time for any problem that cannot be handled alone.

主要指标Main target:


Pouching machine operator: familiar with machine adjustment, proficient in model change and equipment debugging and able to handle simple equipment failures.


Over wrapping machine operator: familiar with ME laminating machine, film collector, automatic packing machine, thermal shrinkable laminating machine, able to change model and equipment debugging, and handle simple equipment failure.


Automation equipment operator: familiar with the operation of automation equipment, able to change model and equipment debugging and handle simple equipment failure.


Responsible for People management, Safety, Quality, Machine, TPM, 5S management for the production lines or area.


Complete other tasks assigned by line leader / shift supervisor.

任职条件 Qualifications : ( 该职位任职者所需具备的成功要素 / Key success factors the job holder should have)


Personal information meets the recruitment requirements and it is true and effective.


Senior high school degree or above or more than 5 years working experience in relevant position.


Master basic computer operations and familiar with office software(Word/Excel).


2 years or above of experience in equipment operation(if major in machinery, the age requirement can be relaxed appropriately);can change models and equipment debugging, can handle simple equipment failures and can assist engineering team to do equipment maintenance independently.


Able to obey the company’s various rules and regulations and operate according to the system.

An Equal Opportunity Employer

Abbot welcomes and encourages diversity in our workforce.

We provide reasonable accommodation to qualified individuals with disabilities.

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