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Job Information

Peninsula Regional Medical Center Clinical Manager in Seaford, Delaware

Position Summary

Responsible for the management of a defined patient unit/units and supervision of personnel assigned to that unit/units. Responsible for clinical nursing practice and patient care delivery, including patient satisfaction, for a broad range of patients as it relates to their age (development stage). The number of patients responsible for ranges from 1-19 in intensive care settings to 24-65 in acute care with varying numbers in ambulatory settings. Also, responsible for management of human, fiscal, and other resources, development of personnel, and compliance with regulatory and professional standards.

Position Requirements:


  • Licensed as a Registered Nurse to practice in the State of Maryland or Delaware.

  • Bachelor’s Degree is required or in pursuit. Masters level preferred.

  • National Certification required (specialty certification within one year or managerial certification in accordance with AONE/AACN)


  • Minimum of three (3) years of clinical nursing experience, with 1-2 years of leadership experience preferred.

Mental Demands

  • Acts as a mediator in conflict situations.

  • Often works under pressure of time and accuracy in organizing and accomplishing work

  • Prioritizes accomplishment of goals, objectives and ideas to meet the changing needs of the nursing unit nursing department.

  • Anticipates problems and proceeds with resolution in an organized, effective manner

  • Often works with grieved, despondent, and mentally disturbed patients

  • Demonstrates effective communication skills, oral and written.

  • Readily assumes additional responsibilities

  • Performs most duties without supervision. Consults with Nursing Director as needed.

Responsibilities for Assets

  • Responsible and accountable for all supplies and equipment used on unit.

  • Responsible for numerous expensive and complex instruments such as IV controllers, pumps, PCA, hypothermal units, vacuum and oxygen regulators, wheelchairs, cardiac and pressure monitoring, PCT’s and printers.

  • Has understanding of proper working order of equipment and responsible for maintenance.

  • Monitors budgetary expenditures.

  • Assures proper patient charges.

Contact with Others

  • Frequent contact with public and families requiring effective communication skills.

  • Maintains a cooperative working relationship with all hospital departments.

  • Maintains a cooperative working relationship interdepartmentally.

  • Works effectively with Medical Staff.

Work Schedule

  • Exempt position.

  • Variable shifts depending on the needs of the department.

  • Works at least two after hours shifts – minimum 4 hours each per month.

  • Works in a clinical capacity at least 8 hours per month.