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Independent Living Services of Central MN Designated Coordinator in Sartell, Minnesota

Job description The Designated Coordinator is responsible for the following services and regulations. This may not include all duties and responsibilities that can be subject to change; Oversight of the license holder's responsibilities assigned in the person's coordinated service and support plan and the coordinated service and support plan addendum; Taking the action necessary to facilitate the accomplishment of the outcomes according to the requirements in section 245D.07; Instruction and assistance to direct support staff implementing the coordinated service and support plan and the service outcomes, including direct observation of service delivery sufficient to assess staff competency. The designated coordinator may delegate the direct observation and competency assessment of the service delivery activities of direct support staff to an individual whom the designated coordinator has previously deemed competent in those activities; and Evaluation of the effectiveness of service delivery, methodologies, and progress on the person's outcomes based on the measurable and observable criteria for identifying when the desired outcome has been achieved according to the requirements in section 245D.07. The Designated Coordinator must be able to ensure; That they are competent to perform the required duties through education, training, and work experience relevant to the primary disability of persons served by the license holder and the individual persons for whom the designated coordinator is responsible. Job Duties include but are not limited to; Intake face to face with the persons served Completion and development of the CSSPA within 10 days of intake Outline goals and progress Coordinate with the Case Manager and/or guardians, rep-payees, commitment workers, probation workers etc. Completion and development of the Self-Management Assessment 10 days prior to the 45 day meeting Complete all intake requirements and paper work Keep a log of intake and admission/discharge Meet staff on site for formal training on the recipients needs according to the goals, IAPP, CSSPA and other documentation Ensure staff have set up a schedule with the DC, staff and the individual Ensure staff are following their schedule Check in with the individuals on a regular basis to ensure staff are appropriately delivering services Ensure staff are adhering to their scheduled time frames Ensure staff are continually oriented and trained to and changes in the individuals served such as IAPP, SMA and CSSPA Ensure staff are appropriately oriented to the program policies and procedures and individual training and documentation of training is kept up to date wherein any changes to the individuals documentation would require additional or updated training. Ensure mandated reporting procedures are completed as needed including internal reviews. Ensure compliance with all program and 245D standards