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University of Utah Lab Technician in SALT LAKE CITY, Utah

A technician with experience in performing western blotting, ELISA, cell culture, imaging and preferably animal experiments. Our lab studies an autoimmune disease called membranous nephropathy with immune complex formation limited to the kidney and cause protein wasting in the urine and progressive kidney disease. We have identified a new antigen in this disease and we will pursue further mechanistic approaches to better understand the mechanism of membranous nephropathy.The laboratory of Dr. Laith Al-Rabadi in the Department of Internal Medicine, Nephrology is an interdisciplinary and integrative pathology and immunology lab, focusing on the understanding the mechanism of membranous nephropathy, an autoimmune disease of the kidney. This position would include proteomic studies , mostly western blotting, confocal microscopy and imaging studies, animal studies and some cell work. While we prefer someone with experience, we will entertain applications from any individuals who are interested and feel excited about the work, given that all individuals will be trained for the laboratory's techniques and best practices.The Al-Rabadi laboratory provides the opportunity to the individuals to be actively involved in the intellectual process. Lab members enjoy a collaborative, exciting and fast-paced environment, where opinions and ideas are welcome.If there is interest in this position, yet the qualifications/expectations are not in line with previous experience, please feel free to contact the lab or apply to discuss alternated options.