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Nobis Works, Inc. General Clerk 1 in Saint Louis, Missouri

[Position Summary:]{times="" new="" roman\",serif\"=""} [Under the supervision of the Nobis Enterprises Program Manager, Administrative Service and the project contract supervisor, the Administrative/Mailroom Services General Clerk is responsible for administrative and mailroom support services. This position follows clearly detailed specific procedures in completing several repetitive clerical steps performed in a prescribed or slightly varied sequence, such as coding and filing documents in an extensive alphabetical file; could involve simple posting to individual accounts, opening mail, calculating and posting charges to departmental accounts, operating basic office equipment, e.g., photocopier, facsimile, multi-line phone/voicemail systems, mailing machines, and minimal computer programs. This position will be responsible for all or some of the following essential job functions and responsibilities based on the individual contract office needs.]{times="" new="" roman\",serif\"=""} [Essential Job Functions and Responsibilities:]{times="" new="" roman\",serif\"=""} [General Administrative Support:]{times="" new="" roman\",serif\"=""}

  • [Receive telephone calls and/or visitors and refer them to the appropriate person or office. Answer telephone by the third ring, correctly route callers, and take messages or forward to voice mail as appropriate. ]{times="" new="" roman\",serif\"=""}
  • [Update reservations calendars based on data received.]{times="" new="" roman\",serif\"=""}
  • [Make repair calls for facilities and equipment, coordinate with contract office personnel, and provide copies of maintenance documentation to staff in the Office of Human Capital Support.]{times="" new="" roman\",serif\"=""}
  • [Distribute incoming mail; process outgoing mail and maintain mail metering equipment in accordance with established guidelines and procedures.]{times="" new="" roman\",serif\"=""}
  • [Set up equipment required for video conferences and satellite training. Also set up and breakdown tables and chairs as needed for training sessions, employee meetings and conferences.]{times="" new="" roman\",serif\"=""}
  • [Photocopy documents and other material in accordance with established office procedures.]{times="" new="" roman\",serif\"=""}
  • [File all documents in a timely and accurate manner, and in accordance with established office procedures.]{times="" new="" roman\",serif\"=""}
  • [Receive, sort and distribute incoming faxes in accordance with established office procedures.]{times="" new="" roman\",serif\"=""}

[Inventory Control: ]{times="" new="" roman\",serif\"=""} [Responsible for inventory control services for all office supplies which will be conducted in two phases utilizing the start-up and follow-on procedures. Start-up procedures involve the performance of all tasks required to put an office supply stockroom management program into operation. Follow-on procedures include the performance of all tasks required to receive, store, issue, order and maintain inventory accountability for office supplies]{times="" new="" roman\",serif\"=""} [Equipment Maintenance:]{times="" new="" roman\",serif\"=""} [Serve as point of contact for troubleshooting office equipment problems and coordinating maintenance/repair for equipment. Attempt to correct equipment performance problems before contacting outside sources for repairs. If unsuccessful in resolving the problems will contact vendor for repairs and problem resolution.]{times="" new="" roman\",serif\"=""} [Mail Management:]{times="" new="" roman\",serif\"=""}

  • [Incoming United States Postal Service (USPS) Mail, Express Mail and Federal Express. Although specific pickup and delivery points have been designated for certain services. Express Mail and Federal Express mail contractors will deliver packages to the mailroom after they are x-rayed at the loading dock (Federal Buildings only).]{times="" new="" roman\",serif\"=""}
  • Separation of Mail by Organization Names, Titles, Program Areas and organizational Symbols. All mail shall initially be separated by organizational symbols and placed in the appropriate mail slot for pick up. ]{times="" new="" roman\",serif\"=""}
  • [Other Accountable Mail: (Registered, Certified, return receipt, Numbered and Insured. In order to ensure delivery during the same day of receipt, Registered, Certified, Return Receipt, Numbered and Insured Mail shall be sorted, logged and distributed in all the mail bins for the addressee to pick-up. All accountable mail shall be signed by recipient upon pick-up.]{times="" new="" roman\",serif\"=""}
  • [Mail received with insufficient address. All mail received without proper mailing address will be researched against the organizational directory and delivered within one working day of its receipt.]{times="" new="" roman\",serif\"=""}
  • [Returned mail research service. Open and determine the delivery point of inaccurately addressed and damaged mail returned by USPS.]{times="" new="" roman\",serif\"=""}
  • [Outgoing USPS mail. Responsible for managing outgoing USPS mail and the direct accountability system in a manner that assures minimum postage. Collect and meter all outgoing and other internal mail from the mail slot/bin located within the mailroom and deliver it to the USPS.]{times="" new="" roman\",serif\"=""}
  • [Special pickups and deliveries. Using available equipment and personnel, will provide special pickups and deliveries for incoming and outgoing mail and other materials as necessary including FedEx, UPS and or other delivery couriers.]{times="" new="" roman\",serif\"=""}
  • [Distribution of documents. Distribute internal policies, procedures and other documents as required. Also, maintain an up-to-date list of OFAR room assignments and document distribution requirements, based on information provided by the OFAR.]{times="" new="" roman\",serif\"=""}

[Reporting Requirements:]{times="" new="" roman\",serif\"=""}

[Prepare a comprehensive Monthly Mail Handling Report to the OFAR or Administrative designee no later than three (3) working days after the end of each month. ]{times="" new="" roman\",serif\"=""}