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  1. Operating & Maintaining Water Distribution Systems:

·         Balancing tanks and reconciling water quantities (barrels, acre feet, gallons)

·         Communicating and collaborating with treatment plants, the conservation district, public work agencies, engineering firms and other stakeholder.

·         Coordinating and managing the activities to ensure an efficient and effective delivery of frac water

·         Operate and maintain water distribution systems in compliance with state and federal regulations, including conducting routine inspections of the water system components. Perform regular maintenance on system components, including valves, PRV's pumps, and pipelines

·         Conduct regular water quality testing and analysis, including chlorine tests, Bac T tests, and disinfection by-products tests

·         Monitor system performance and respond to alarms and alerts as necessary

·         Ensure accurate meter readings and billings for customers

2.            Problem Solving:

·         Addressing issues such as low pressure, no pressure, or high water usage

·         Handling customer phone calls and inquiries

3.            Equipment Operation & Maintenance:

·         Performing maintenance tasks on Equipment ex. backhoes, skid-steers, and trucks

·         Maintain accurate records and documentation of system operations and maintenance

·         Operate and maintain SCADA system and other computerized systems

4.            Cross Connection Control and Backflow: 

·         Ensuring water safety by preventing contamination from sources like dairies, industrial , and car washes

5.            Miscellaneous Duties:

·         Assisting with billing, permitting, and other miscellaneous tasks

·         Fill-in responsibilities for various job functions as needed

·         Respond to customer inquiries and complaints in a timely and professional manner

·         Assist with the development and implementation of emergency response plans

·         Attend training and continuing education programs as necessary

6.            Able to react to change productively and handle other essential tasks as assigned.