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ANR Group Inc Senior Implementation Manager-Electrical (00933) in Richland, Washington

ANR Group Inc is accepting resumes for a Senior Implementation Manager-Electrical Located in Richland, WA.

The hourly rate range for this position is $79-$105 per hour (plus full benefits)

This is an active recruitment that may close at any time without notice. Interested candidates are encouraged to apply as soon as possible.



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Technical -- Iterative review of key project documentation with the intent to identify, where appropriate, strategies can be refined and/or resources can be applied to improve schedule performance, result in better quality, and/or result in a more efficient use of resources.

Throughout the process of these iterative reviews, identify errors or general misconceptions that need to be corrected for successful project implementation. Key project documentation includes, but is not limited to:

Project Schedule (both work management and project lifecycle schedules) Implementation Means & Methods (both EN and Vendor) Risk Register, Work Orders & Associated Documentation (weld records, ASME Section XI repair and replacement plans, field sketches, etc.)

Quality Control Inspections & Hold Points, Test & Commissioning Plans, Clearance Orders & Turnover Strategy, Materials, Tools & Specialty Tooling, Resource Load Boards (including mobilization and demobilization strategy).

Budget / Estimate (specifically surrounding assumptions, constraints, unit rates, wage rates, etc.)

Radiological Strategies (balance between contamination controls and consideration for work scope [ex: conservative need for respirators while welding vs the quality of welding as a result], decontamination strategies, etc.), Rigging / Material Handling Plans

Technical -- Responsible for validating the quality of all Work Order Tasks (WOT) associated with assigned scope prior to field activities and IAW Columbia work management processes (both on-line and outage).

Responsible for the remediation of identified WOTs that lack quality, contain incorrect references, introduce error traps, and/or contain poorly written instructions.

Technical -- Responsible for reviewing, commenting, and providing improvements to testing and/or acceptance plans (factory, shop, site, mock-up, post modification, etc.).

Technical -- Responsible for identifying activities and/or processes that would benefit from a mock-up. Responsible for providing input and guidance on making said mock-ups effective and impactful.

Technical -- Responsible for communicating personal Operating Experience and identifying industry and/or similar Operating Experiences associated with project activities.

Responsible for developing response strategies that should be considered for each Operating Experience example.

Technical -- As needed, serve as the ASME PIC for Section XI Repair & Replacement Plan work scope.

Governance -- Responsible for maintaining broad knowledge base of associated codes, standards, innovative technologies, technical skillsets (ex: welding, rigging, soldering, etc.), implementation strategies (ex: crew placement, turnovers, etc.), and general industry trends as related to the Enterprise Risk Projects being supported.

Oversight -- Responsible for providing timely and candid feedback to the Project Manager(s), Oversight Manager(s), and Department Management on all aspects of a project strategy, implementation plan, or any other facet that supports successful execution of a project.

Oversight -- As needed, provide oversight of shop or field activities, ensuring activities are progressing against the approved project strategy, providing coaching as needed to preclude changes in the plan.

Oversight -- As needed, serve as the designated person in charge of project activities on the shift opposite of