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Global Power Equipment Group Access Authorization Specialist in Richland, Washington

Job DescriptionAccess Authorization SpecialistWilliams Industrial Services Group, LLC.Duties include: obtaining and reviewing data to certify Unescorted Access Authorization (UAA)/grant Unescorted Access (UA) to Columbia Generating Station.Perform access authorization functions requiring application of background investigation fundamentals including independent assessments. Make recommendations to Reviewing Official affecting technical decisions. Review and assess fingerprint submissions and returned results. Maintain unescorted access requirements established for critical group members. Act as Reviewing Official as assigned. Provide technical expertise to the Access Authorization Department in the processing, documentation and completion of background investigations. Fingerprint applicants and ensure legibility in accordance with FBI standards. Administer psychological evaluations and interface with consultants to interpret results and schedule follow-up interviews. Review, evaluate and interpret investigative data to ensure compliance with requirements prior to authorizing unescorted access. Assist the Access Control Supervisor and the Access Authorization Lead in preparing documentation for access denial orrevocation. Responsible for approving and issuing photo identification proxcards for unescorted access to Columbia Generating Station and all other Energy Northwest facilities. Maintain a database for assigned proxcards in accordance with NRC requirements and perform weekly audit of the Badge Assignment Report. Responsible for enrollment of individuals into the hand geometry system to ensure entry into the Protected Area of Columbia Generating Station. Provide training to applicants on the proper use of the system. Act as the Access Authorization POC for all Nuclear Regulatory Commission Inspectors/Contractors requesting unescorted access.Monitor, follow up and maintain accurate documentation of all reported arrests/legal actions to ensure full compliance of the legal action reporting requirement. This will include documenting court actions, scheduling Substance Abuse Evaluation, and monitoring completion of any treatment programs ordered.Schedule and complete Reinvestigations for all employees/contractors who hold unescorted access in accordance with NEI 03-01. Schedule and complete psychological reassessments. NEI 03-01 requires that all individuals holding UA undergo a reinvestigation every 5 years, 3 years for critical group membersMaintain the Personnel Access Data System (PADS). Validate entries and act as the point of contact for all unescorted access transfer of information as requested by other nuclear utilities. Review issues concerning sensitive/derogatory information that appear in PADS and make unescorted access authorization recommendations. Perform daily audit of UA termination submittal requests to ensure termination dates are reflected accurately. Perform daily audits of badges placed on hold and ensure affected individual' s supervision completes follow through of all requirements associated with continued unescorted access. Perform a monthly audit of randomly selected files to assure accurate information was uploaded to the PADS database. Perform daily audits of terminations daily to ensure termination dates are reflected accurately.Implement and maintain the monthly Behavior Observation Program/Revalidation Report. Responsible for coordinating and consulting with responsible FFD/BOP Supervisors to ensure the accuracy of data for each organization is in compliance with regulatory requirements and procedures. Monitor and maintain the 30 day Protected Area entry requirement. Update the database daily for those individuals placed on hold. Review recertification form to Behavior Observation Program compTo view