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Getir Technical Recruiter in Remote, Turkey

Our ambitions are global and vast here at Getir. We pioneered super-fast delivery. Then we grew on multiple fronts: from our daily order count, to the number of services we offer, to the geographies we operate in, to the number of amazing Getir people that make up a rather incredible people organization. That last part is arguably the most important part of the business, and the one that gives us the most satisfaction. To further strengthen our already-marvelous technology team, we never take off our recruiter hats. Furthemore, we've expanded that hat beyond our hometown, nowadays recruiting people throughout planet earth. Thus we are looking to bring onboard a Tech Recruiter who will not only contribute to our people globalization, but also contribute to their own personal development and take further responsibilities.

What You'll Do

  • Scour the ends of planet earth in search for solid personalities and technical skill sets that will flourish within Getir.

  • Strive to provide a candidate experience that is not Getir-centric, but rather candidate-centric. We may not work with all candidates, but all should have positive impressions about Getir.

  • Evaluate candidates within their own unique context. Always bear in mind that people have their own unique stories.

  • Not be limited by our current ways of sourcing candidates. Find new ways. Create them if necessary. Widen the range whenever possible.

  • Work together with interviewers from the technology team to accurately determine candidates' technical expertise.

  • Travel to (Covid-permitting!) places that become major sources of recruitment, both to conduct real-time interviews and follow-up with onboarded talents.

What Getir Expects

  • English is an absolute must. An increasing percentage of our candidates use English as their language of preference.

  • Energy. Quickly absorb Getir's unique energy, and exert that energy in your communication with potential recruits. You are after all, an outward-facing representative of Getir, the startup that pioneered super-fast delivery.

  • Resilience, because often you'll get hyped about a potential candidate, but for one of many valid reasons, it may not work out. Remember that matching job-seekers with employers is after all a rather complicated matching process.

  • Crossing the borders. While Getir sets its heart on international markets, bring cross-border talents into Getir organization.

  • We should know the rules in order to win the war for talent. Bear in mind legislative processes and cross-cultural differences.

  • Ability to evaluate technical skills is preferred, but not an absolute requirement.

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