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Centific Data Collection: Swan 3- Redmond (WA) (Onsite) in Redmond, Washington

[Exciting Opportunity at OneForma: Join ]{lang="en-US"}[Project Clip]{lang="en-US"}[ Today! ]{lang="en-US"}

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[At OneForma, we're inviting you to be a part of our cutting-edge onsite project!]{lang="en-US"}[ ]{lang="en-PH"}

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[Project:]{lang="en-US"}[ ]{lang="en-PH"}

[Participants will have the unique opportunity to be part of clips featuring people, pets, and various objects in action. These videos will play a crucial role in enhancing and advancing the technologies behind smartphone cinematic features.]{lang="en-US"}[ ]{lang="en-PH"}

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[This is an Onsite project that will take place in ]{lang="en-US"}[Redmond]{lang="en-US"}[.]{lang="en-US"}[ ]{lang="en-PH"}

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[How:]{lang="en-US"}[ ]{lang="en-PH"}

[Participants will visit designated locations in Redmond to record short 5-20-second video clips. The videos will display people, pets (mainly cats/dogs), and various objects in both indoor and outdoor environments, utilizing Cinematic mode. Onsite coordinators will be in charge of directing and recording. We encourage you to bring along your pets, especially cats or dogs.]{lang="en-US"}[ ]{lang="en-PH"}

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[Duration:]{lang="en-US"}[ ]{lang="en-PH"}

[Approximately 1 hour]{lang="en-US"}[ ]{lang="en-PH"}