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Steve & Kate's Camp Summer Camp Food Operations Manager - Princeton in Princeton, New Jersey

Location: 650 Great Rd., Princeton, NJ 08540

Camp Dates: 6/10 - 8/16  (additionally, one weekend to set up, one weekend to breakdown, and an orientation date TBD)

Camp Hours: 8:00 am - 6:00 pm (actual shifts will vary)

Hourly Wage: $ 17.25 - $19.75

At Steve & Kate's Camp, we’re pioneers in self-directed learning, and we're looking for meticulous multi-taskers with strong time-management skills to run our on-site food program. As a Food Ops staff member, you’ll sharpen your inherent organizational skills, submit food orders, and maintain our kitchen and food service items using hygienic practices, all while doing meaningful work keeping hundreds of bellies full. Given the simplicity of the Food Program, there will also be opportunities to interact with campers, collaborate with interesting coworkers, and help with fun around camp. You won’t be making meals (just preparing and serving), so there’s no culinary experience required – it’s totally fine if you don’t own one of those silly chef’s hats.

Job Responsibilities:

You’ll spend most of your day preparing and serving and cleaning up snacks and lunch, ordering and managing food-service items and supplies, and maintaining all food-related equipment and spaces in sanitary conditions. Actual cooking will be very minimal since all of our entrees are ordered as fully prepared, and we’ll teach you everything you need to know with our paid training and development program. 

  • Do you have a love of food, even if you don’t have professional experience preparing it?

  • Are you a fan of systems, organization, to-do lists, punctuality, and cleanliness? 

  • Can you multitask like you’re a Hollywood power agent all while keeping calm, level-headed, and nice? Especially the last one?

  • Would sparking up conversations with staff, campers, and parents fit in your comfort zone?   If it is out of your comfort zone are you willing to grow in this area?

  • Do you have the stamina to keep up (literally) with 4-12 yr. olds bursting with energy and creative potential? And, if needed, can you bench press the equivalent of a kindergartner (at least lift up to 30 lbs)?

    Additional Responsibilities:

  • Actively supervising campers

  • Maintaining an organized and approachable activity space

  • Ensure compliance with Camp Policies

  • Reporting & Recording details of notable concerns or incidents, and of injuries to campers, other staff members, or self

  • Keeping track and being aware of camper allergies and dietary restrictions

  • adding daily updates and photos to campers’ profiles

    How do you know if you’re the right candidate? 

  • Does the idea of guiding kids while they make decisions for themselves excite you?

  • Are you calm under pressure and able to calm those around you?

  • Are you comfortable leading groups of kids on your own while still collaborating with a team?

  • Do you have the stamina to keep up (literally) with 4-12 year old’s bursting with energy and creative potential? And, can you bench press a kindergartener (just kidding -- can you lift up to 40lbs)?

  • Are you passionate about sharing your knowledge & learning something new (even if a third grade is doing the teaching)?

    Job Requirements:

  • At least 16 years of age 

  • Minimum of 2 months experience working with camp–age children, with 1 year preferred, in either a professional, personal or volunteer setting. 

  • First Aid & CPR certified prior to Day 1 of Camp (some locations may require additional certifications)

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