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City of Portland Volunteer (Non-Paid) Position--Private For-Hire Transportation Advisory Committee (Ongoing) in Portland, Oregon

Volunteer (Non-Paid) Position--Private For-Hire Transportation Advisory Committee (Ongoing)

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Volunteer (Non-Paid) Position--Private For-Hire Transportation Advisory Committee (Ongoing)


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Remote - Part-time, OR

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Remote Employment


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Office of Community & Civic Life

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12/31/2023 11:59 PM Pacific

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The Position

The Private For-Hire Transportation (PFHT) Advisory Committee provides input into the development and outcomes of policies, budget, regulations, and procedures that affect the City's Private For-Hire Transportation Program.

Total number of advisory seats: 19

Number of seats available: 5

Seats available include:

  • Limited Passenger Transport (LPT) Driver Representative

  • Public-At -Large representing the general public

  • Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) Driver

  • Shuttle Driver

  • Limousine or Party Bus Company

To Qualify

To be eligible for the advisory committee, members must live, play, worship, go to school, work or do business in the City of Portland. Company and driver representatives must be currently permitted to provide for hire services in Portland.

What We Look For

We want people from every part of Portland to share their voice on this committee, especially people who have not been involved before. If you want to serve your community and help the City make better choices, then we want to see your application. The attributes listed below are what will guide our selection process. It is helpful if you are specific in your answers. (We do not expect you to be or have everything listed below)

  • ·You believe government is better when community is involved

  • You are an advocate for racial equity: you want positive and long-lasting outcomes for racial and ethnic communities who have been left out in the past. You can bring discussion about racial and ethnic communities who need it the most.

  • You have a perspective on navigating the community as a person with a disability.

  • You are available to attend all meetings and participate in the discussions (currently meetings are held virtually with an in-person option)

    Time Commitment

  • Monthly meetings will take place on weekdays during the afternoon. You may attend virtually or in person.

  • Members are involved for a duration of Two to Three-year terms, no more than 8 consecutive years.

  • The anticipated time commitment per month is 3 to 4 hours. Additional hours may apply if you become a member of a subcommittee.

    Volunteer Ethics

    People who join this committee will become what we call “Public Officials,” which means that while you serve you must behave fair and ethically. We will provide training on this once you are accepted. Part of following Public Officials Ethics laws means you must tell the group when you or a relative may financially benefit (or avoid fees) by your recommendations. This is called a “Conflict of Interest.” If you tell us about potential Conflicts of Interest that does not mean you cannot serve, in fact, many committees have potential members with Conflicts of Interest. We appreciate your ethical inclusion of possible Conflicts of Interest on the form included in the application.

The Recruitment Process

Applications are due by 11:59pm on Sunday, December 31, 2023

To talk with someone about this opportunity or to receive assistance completing the application, please contact the advisory body staff liaison at gabriela.sanchez@portlandoregon.gov or 503-823-7483.

Voluntary & Confidential Demographic Information

The City is committed to diversity, inclusion, and equity. Completing the demographic information on the application is voluntary, but we encourage you to provide that information. The City uses this information to help ensure that advisory body appointments represent a broad cross-section of community. Your information will not be used during the recruitment nor the selection process. State and federal law prohibit use of this information to discriminate against you. Questions about this may be sent to AdvisoryBodies@Portlandoregon.gov

General Questions

For general questions about the Advisory Bodies program, the volunteer recruitment process, or other upcoming advisory body opportunities please email AdvisoryBodies@Portlandoregon.gov.

We Encourage You to Apply

We welcome you to browse our website to learn more about the bureau. www.transportationpermit.com

Do you have questions or need more information? Email Regulatory@portlandoregon.gov or 503-823-7483.

Additional Information

COVID – 19 Vaccine Requirement

The meeting location for this opportunity is hybrid (remote and onsite).

Workplaces across Portland, the United States and the world are making tough decisions about how to protect their employees and community from COVID-19. We, too, find ourselves in the middle of this complex situation at the City of Portland. We are committed to ensuring the health and safety for our employees and our community. As a part of this commitment, all City employees are required to be fully vaccinated, effective October 18, 2021. Proof of full vaccination, or documentation of plans to become fully vaccinated (e.g., partially vaccinated however too soon for second dose, etc.) will be required prior to being hired by the City of Portland. The required vaccination is a minimum qualification requirement to be hired by the City of Portland. We understand that some are unable to be vaccinated for a variety of reasons, including medical and religious/spiritual reasons. Should you be offered employment with the City of Portland, there is an exception process that provides for an exception and reasonable accommodation based on a qualified medical condition or religious/spiritual reason. Exception Request Process for COVID-19 vaccine (https://www.portland.gov/bhr/covid19-exception-request) (Exceptions only apply to candidate(s) offered a position; please do not submit at this time) .

Meeting Location

Currently, many advisory bodies are meeting remotely due to COVID-19. In the future, meetings could: 1) be conducted fully remotely, or 2) be conducted remotely and in person (hybrid model). As the situation evolves, the exact meeting location may change based upon leadership direction and approval.

City of Portland volunteers are unpaid; therefore, employment benefits are not available.


Do you understand that this is a volunteer (non-paid, non-employment) position?

  • Yes

  • No


    Are you able to prepare for meetings on your own time? And can you commit to regularly attend and participate in meetings and for the duration of the service term?

  • Yes

  • No


    Currently, do you live, work, play, go to school, and/or worship in the City of Portland? Please mark all that apply so we can know the variety of ways you are involved in Portland.

  • Live in Portland (reside and sleep)

  • Work in Portland (or do business, includes non-profit/volunteerism, and family caretaking)

  • Play in Portland (recreation, visiting establishments in Portland)

  • Worship in Portland (engage in spiritual activities of all types such as churches, or religious organization affiliations and practices)

  • Go to school in Portland (including study, take classes, research, broadly interpreted)


    Are you or is a relative of yours associated with a business, as defined by ORS 244.020(3)(4), that is related to the subject matter to be considered by this advisory body? If yes, please explain. If no, enter "N/A," which stands for "not applicable."


    Do you or a relative have connections to businesses that could result in a financial benefit of more than $500 annually as noted in ORS 244.020(3)(4)? If yes, please explain. If no, enter "N/A."


    Even if you or a relative's connection to a business does not rise to the financial thresholds contained in ORS 244.020(3)(4), the City would like to know of any relationship to a business that could benefit financially from the outcome of the matter to be considered by this advisory body. Please list those connections here. If no, enter "N/A."


    Do you or do any relative of yours have a professional affiliation with the City of Portland, either as a staff member or through a contract? Please list their name, their position, the bureau/department they are affiliated with, the contract, and your relationship to that individual. If no, enter "N/A."


    By signing and/or typing my name below, I affirm I can commit to participate fully in the work of the advisory body I'm applying for. All information contained herein is true to the best of my knowledge, and I understand that any misstatement of fact or misrepresentation of credentials may result in this application being disqualified from further consideration. I affirm that all information contained in this form is true to the best of my knowledge. If at any time following the submission of this form I become aware of any actual or potential conflicts of interest or if the information provided becomes inaccurate or incomplete, promptly notify the staff contact for the City advisory body. Misstatement of fact or misrepresentation of information may result in your application being disqualified, or future dismissal from the advisory body.


    What is your commitment and experience working with a diversity of people, in terms of age, ethnic background, sexual orientation, gender, disability, culture, religious preference, etc.? How have or how would you contribute to productive group processes and collective work in a collaborative, multicultural, and/or multilingual setting? No more than 250 words.


    Do you have any affiliations with groups that you would like to tell us about, such as other committees, non-profits, churches, political action committees, or community-based organizations you are part of? Please list the name and your role with them, and dates you were active.


    Describe your relevant skills, knowledge, and lived experience as well as any volunteer, work, and/or educational experience that would serve the advisory body's ability to meet its mission.


    What excites you about the possibility of serving on this advisory body?


    If selected and appointed to serve, what would you hope to accomplish during your service?


    Please describe your experience working in community, diverse groups, or public bodies, and provide examples in which you contributed to productive group processes and collective work in a collaborative, multicultural, and/or multilingual setting.


    Please describe your ability to listen and consider other perspectives which may be different from your own.


    Please address your commitment to and experience supporting and/or advancing equitable outcomes. Refer to examples from: your school, work, community, places of faith, family, etc.


    We Remove Barriers. Please let us know if there are barriers to your participation that we can help eliminate. Examples include bus/parking passes and food at meetings when in-person gatherings return, childcare, or stipends. While we may not have these options on all advisory bodies, the Advisory Bodies Program is interested in planning and budgeting in the future based on needs expressed here.


    Please complete the demographic survey at the link provided: https://forms.gle/hQD5fsDgKrezAekT7 Please do not answer the text box below.

    Required Question


City of Portland


1120 SW 5th Ave, 404 Portland, Oregon, 97204






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