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Pocatello/Chubbuck School District No. 25 Debate Coach - Century High School in Pocatello, Idaho

This job was posted by https://idahoworks.gov : For more information, please see: https://idahoworks.gov/ada/r/jobs/1518038 &&&&&Debate Coach - JobID: 4032&&&&&ul&&li&Position Type:&&&&Athletics/Activities/Debate - Head Coach&&&&&/li&&li&Location:&&&&Century High School&&&&&/li&&li&Date Available:&&&&Aug 21, 2021&/li&&/ul&&&&&Transcripts***THERE ISN’T A TEACHING ASSIGNMENT ASSOCIATED&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& WITH THIS POSITION AT THIS TIME***&&&&&QUALIFICATIONS:&&&&&1.& Idaho Teacher Certification or NFHS/ASEP certified&&2.& Previous experience as a player and/or coach&&&&&REPORTS TO: Athletic Director and Principal&&&&&JOB GOAL: To provide student athletes the opportunity to develop an appreciation for the value of competition, discipline, hard work, and sportsmanship while serving as a member of a team where all are working toward a common goal.&&&&&PERFORMANCE RESPONSIBILITIES:&&&&&I.& Maintain Professional Relationships&&&&&1.& Develop a plan to maintain positive relations with student-athletes and build high number of student-athletes who participate in the program each year.&&2.& Cooperate with the administration and keep them well-informed about all aspects of the program, particularly potential concerns.&&3.& Build a strong coaching staff that has defined responsibilities, works well together, and supports each other.&&4.& Promote the total athletic program by supporting other coaches and their programs.&&5.& Maintain excellent relationships with the staff, booster club, parents, cheerleaders, music department, media, and the public&&6.& Strive to fit in well at school and help school achieve its goals in the areas.&&&&&II.& Demonstrate Professional Competencies&&&&&1.& Put together a successful all-around sports program that is based on a solid philosophy and is consistently competitive at the regional and state level.&&2.& Teach and demonstrate knowledge of the skills of the sport, including offensive skills, defensive skills, and overall game strategy.&&3.& Demonstrate the ability to develop the student-athletes and team as a whole by preparing athletes physically and emotionally.&&4.& Demonstrate the ability to maintain discipline and control of athletes while teaching fundamental concepts of sportsmanship, citizenship, and fair play.&&5.& Consistently demonstrate the ability to motivate student-athletes to do their best.&&6.& Demonstrate excellent organizational skills to maintain a smooth operating program.&&&&&III.& Accomplish Management Duties&&&&&1.& Provide proper supervision for student-athletes at all times when they are participating in the program.&&2.& Take steps to prevent, care for, and report injuries, working closely with the trainer.&&3.& Become knowledgeable of and adhere to all IHSAA, district, school, and athletic department policies.&&4.& Provide a program to ensure proper use and care of equipment and uniforms, including an inventory record that is kept up to date.&&5.& Skillfully manage the sports budget, following proper procedures for requesting funds, purchasing, and fund-raising.&&6.& Work closely with the activities director and activities secretary to stay on top of scheduling, busing, fund-raising, student eligibility, facility use, IHSAA reports, etc. Letters of application stating qualif ications for specific position&&&ul&&li&Current resume&/li&&/ul&&ul&&li&Two current letters of recommendation&/li&&/ul&