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Silver Canyon Nurseries Farmworkers, Laborers, Corp, Nursery and Greenhouse in Phoenix, Arizona

This job was posted by https://www.azjobconnection.gov : For more information, please see: https://www.azjobconnection.gov/jobs/6439831

Employer plants, grows, nurtures, & harvests an assortment of trees, shrubs & plants including citrus, palm, desert, flowering, shade & other tree varieties (collectively, Trees) all of which have different and seasonal planting, fertilizing, cultivation, growth, pruning, transplant & harvest cycles (Cycles). The Cycles are climate dependent since they are routinely affected by sudden & unpredictable changes in Arizona\'s Sonoran Desert (Desert) weather patterns.

The H-2A workers (Workers) must work outdoors in a variety of Desert weather conditions. Workers must have a minimum of 3 months\' experience & must be able to lift 50 lbs. on a regular basis. Employer will furnish, at no cost to Workers, all necessary tools, materials, supplies, & equipment (collectively, Tools) required by the work. Tools may include shovels, gloves, backhoes, trenchers, tree spades, chain saws, hand saws, & clippers. The 55 Workers will plant, prune, nurture, transplant & harvest trees by hand & machinery. During their period of employment, Workers will work at one of Employer\'s Farms and/or Nurseries (collectively, Work Sites). At each Work Site, the 55 Workers will, among their normal agricultural/horticultural duties, plant, prune, nurture, harvest, & dig Trees, and transplant nursery stock into boxes & containers, The 55 workers will work at one of Employer\'s 3 requested Work Sites. The Work Sites are: the Southern Work Site (20 Workers); the Stanfield Work site (32 Workers); and the 19th Avenue Work Site (3 Workers).