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JFUERST Photo Contract Videographer & Licensed Drone Pilot in Phoenix, Arizona

Passions: People, Photos, & Driving

Who are we?

JFUERST Photo was lovingly born out of the need for the nexus of excellent photography and affordable prices to the real estate marketplace. There are so many providers that simply will not serve the many needs of their customers. We saw those needs and created a process that works every time.

Empowering ALL agents with access to affordably excellent photography and great service.

Wondering how to pronounce "JFUERST"?

Say Jay 1st - That's it. Pretty simple. :)

Who are you?

  • Videographer with background in weddings, promo films, product, or some other videography (Real Estate experience is a Bonus!)

  • Must be able to edit videos with Premiere, a plus having After Effects experience with titling and tracking

  • Must have a drone, licensed, and the ability fly said drone to take photos & videos

  • Someone who already has videography work, but is looking to fill a couple of days in the week with more shooting and more income!

  • LOVE to DRIVE and to SHOOT!

  • Want to work 20-40 hours a week

  • Self-motivated, solution-oriented, and great at time-management

    How does it work?

While working for JFUERST PHOTO you will let us know how many days per week you can work and we will schedule shoots onto your calendar. Being flexible is key & so is having a reliable vehicle to travel to and from shoots. For this position you will need to own and maintain your own video/drone gear - including keeping your license current and up-to-date.

Having an established business already looked as a benefit, as love to keep our employees doing what they love! On the days you are not working, you can schedule shoots or meetings. And if you happen to end up with not many shoots on a day you have set aside for us, you can work on your other business on the go, write emails, or do the other things you love. You will shoot all over the Phoenix area, so you must like driving. Hey, listening to podcasts or audible in addition to photography? Do you hear yourself saying, "I'm so in!" Then keep on reading, friend. We just ask that you give us somewhat consistent availability. Generally our busiest time is from February through October, varies slightly from year to year.


FAA Part 107 License, Insured Drone


3+ Batteries, 64 GB Memory Card

Drone Standards: (Must film in 4K and shoot RAW photos)

DJI Mavic ProDJI Mavic 2 ProDJI Mavic Air 1 or 2DJI Phantom 4DJI Mini 2Yuneec Typhoon H

Videography Camera Standards: Minimum Requirements:1080p Resolution24 Frames per second12 MegapixelsFlat picture profile8-bit CodecCompatible Cameras:Sony a6000Panasonic Lumix G7Sony A7sCanon T6iBlack Magic Pocket CinemaRecommended Requirements:4k Resolution24/60/120 Frames per second20+ MegapixelsLog picture profile10-bit CodecCompatible Cameras:Sony a6500Sony A7sIICanon T8iPanasonic Lumix GH5Black Magic Pocket 4kLenses:Wide Angle Lens: between 9mm and 12mm (Minimal Barrel Distortion)Fast Medium Lens: between 16mm and 30mm (f/2.8 - f/1.2)

Stabilization:Zhiyun CraneDJI Ronin SGlidecam HD-PROEdelkrone Slider

Nature of the Job?

  • Navigate to homes and business for photoshoots

  • Arrive on time and finish on time

  • Shoot property interiors and exteriors utilizing our proprietary techniques and training

  • No editing or post processing required

    JFUERST Team?

As a videographer for J FUERST PHOTO you would be a part of an awesome team and a business that is thriving and growing rapidly. We believe strongly in our core values and treat everyone with fairness and respect. As a team member of J FUERST PHOTO you would be exposed to many details that are propriety to us and how we run our business. Because of that we have all team members sign a non-compete and non-disclosure agreement.


Complete the brief application on this page and you're one-step closer to becoming a part of that team.

PLEASE, no phone calls.

If you have trouble submitting your application, please email careers@jfuerst.com for support.

From one of our Photographers: " Working for JFUERST Photo has been an amazing experience for me all around. One of the core reasons I love working this job is because apart from what I regularly photograph (engagements & weddings) it has opened up a totally different world of photography for me to be successful in while not having to worry about keeping a full calendar of sessions. Shooting Real Estate has been literally one of the funnest and most rewarding jobs of my life. It is the best job I could have asked for for my small business. I have been able to further develop my knowledge of photography while getting paid, chat photography with my skilled, passionate and super co-workers & bosses at any time, have an awesome and flexible schedule, and most excitingly for me, I have been able to narrow down my personal photography sessions to only things I am completely in love with shooting. It's a simple, win win. On a typical day, I get up early and work on my personal work, or totally sleep in if I want because you can't photograph a house without proper sunlight! Then my day is usually like going on a self guided tour of homes for a few hours. I click on each appointment in my calendar and my GPS leads me to each house. I diligently show up 5-10 minutes early (because I am a fan of over-exceeding expectations), introduce myself to the homeowner or agent, admire and photograph the house, then at the end of the day I simply drop my cards off and bam, day finished. No editing, no delivering, no emailing or working with clients before or after. It's really that straightforward. Then, around 24 hours later I am able to see the finished product in slideshow form and receive instant feedback from the editor. Wether good or constructive, I can make adjustments to my shooting technique if needed right away, otherwise I receive a "go get em tiger" sense of attitude from the office and continue on with my shoots. I think my favorite part about my job with JFUERST Photo is having the ability to see inside hundreds of homes, all completely different from each other. You know, like some of the houses you drive by and would pay the owner to walk through? Those are some of the houses I get to run around in. As if that wasn't cool enough, I couldn't be more happy with the way I am treated as part of the JFUERST Photo Team. Every suggestion, question, circumstance and concern is taken into consideration and carefully attended to or answered by the owners. They are seriously rockstars and are ALWAYS looking for ways to better any of our experiences with them working for JFUERST Photo. They are kind-hearted, incredibly fair, they both have a great sense of humor, and you can tell that their passion for good business is just as strong as mine. If anyone is looking to extend their career in photography surrounded by marvelous people... THIS is the job for you. " --Amber, Photographer

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