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Columbia Basin College Campus Security Officer in Pasco, Washington

Columbia Basin College ("CBC" or the "College") is seeking a Campus Security Officer who performs security work to protect life and property and enforce College rules and regulations, as well as local, state and federal laws. The Campus Security Officer prevents and investigates crime(s) for referral to local law enforcement and/or the Student Conduct Office as appropriate. As a member of the Campus Security Department, the Campus Security Officer fosters an optimal learning environment that supports the College's mission and student success. This position reports to the Campus Security Lieutenant.This position is open until filled. First consideration will be given to applicants whose complete application has been received by June 13, 2021 @ 11:59 PM Pacific Time.Primary Responsibilities:Monitor and maintain safety and security of students, staff, College property, and members of the public in College facilities, by patrolling on foot and bicycle and enforcing College rules and regulations;Serve as a resource officer for questions related to security, and provide any persons needing directions or general campus information in a helpful and professional manner;Assist in maintaining a safe work environment with an effective security presence on campus that includes appropriate use of de-escalating techniques and College-issued equipment (i.e. taser, pepper spray, handcuffs) and use of force only as authorized under the College's Use of Force policy;Act as a deterrent to unsafe behavior in violation of the Student Rights & Responsibility Code, College rules or regulations and stated behavioral expectations by providing high visibility, walking, cycling and surveying common areas, hallways, parking and other campus areas;Intervene in any verbal or physical encounters among students, diffuse hostile situations and enforce policies regarding building use, weapons, tobacco, illegal substances, traffic rules, etc.;Provide copies of written accounts of unacceptable behavior/incidents to the College's Assistant Dean for Student Conduct for further evaluation of disciplinary measures as necessary or verbal accounts for immediate review given the severity of the situation; contact law enforcement in the event the behavior may violate the law, to forward the same written accounts for review as appropriate;Maintain security presence and order during campus events and activities and enforce appropriate regulations;Assist staff and student during any crisis situations, including drills, weapons control, bomb threats and lockdowns;In emergency situations, respond to the scene; provide first aid, and alert additional police or emergency personnel as appropriate;Report unusual or suspicious activity to local law enforcement for follow-up as appropriate;Draft and submit incident reports to Campus Security Lieutenant and Director of Emergency Management and Security, law enforcement agencies or other appropriate administrative staff on campus as appropriate;Patrol other areas on foot and bicycle, checking for fires, vandalism, suspicious activity or persons or safety/fire hazards;Perform work in support of keeping fire extinguishers, AEDs, and other safety equipment in working order and/or certified;Conduct routine and special request locking and unlocking of campus buildings;Assist in key making and lock or door repairs when assigned; andPerform other duties as assigned.Required Qualifications:One (1) year of college-level, trade, or vocat