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Idaho Department of Labor Farmworkers in Parma, Idaho

This job was posted by https://idahoworks.gov : For more information, please see: https://idahoworks.gov/jobs/2202296

Dates of Need: 6/28/2024-8/15/2024. This job encompasses work done on row crops, hops, and vegetable farming. This position requires 3 months general farm labor and agricultural equipment operators. The lifting requirement for this position is 60 pounds. Workers with a valid driver\'s license and that are insurable may drive vehicles to transport crop, equipment, supplies, and workers. Workers must possess requisite physical strength and endurance to repeat the harvest process throughout the workday. Workers must work at a sustained, vigorous pace and make bona-fide efforts to work efficiently and consistently that are reasonable under the climatic and all other working conditions. Workers may never ride on agricultural equipment not designed for work related riding purposes or any other non-passenger intended equipment unless instructed and authorized by the employer or supervisor to do so. Workers with valid drivers licenses and that are insurable may transport workers, equipment, supplies, or crop. All work-related injuries must be immediately reported to the crew leader, foreman, or supervisor. Employer-paid drug test may be required if a worker has an accident at work. Full Growing Season Commitment: The job offered requires that the worker be available for work every day that work is available for the full period of employment. The worker agrees to be available for work and perform the assigned work for the assigned employer whenever work is available through the full period of employment. Training: There will be a demonstration period to familiarize workers with job specification and to demonstrate proper harvest methods and other crop specific issues such as particular grading and or sizing.

Irrigation:\ Drip Irrigation: Workers will roll out and/or roll up drip hose to hop plants in rows or take from field for end of season storage. They will inspect, monitor, and repair drip system daily.

Other Irrigation Duties: Repairing and maintaining pivot drop hoses, laying out and picking up 3\" hand lines, replacing nozzles and sprinklers on hand lines and pivot drop hoses, laying out and collecting siphon tubes. Repair drip hose, add or eliminate emitters as instructed, add clips as needed to prevent sagging of drip hose, periodic flushing of drip hose as instructed.\ Additional Duties: Remove weeds from all crops using a shovel, hoe, or hands. Dig and repair the ground. Place new poles or remove broken or damaged poles. Ensure all poles are vertically straight and tamped into place. Stretch cable and attach clamps. Planting potted hop plants in hop fields. Pick up downed hop vines -when strong winds come along and blow mature hop plants off the vine, get the hops back up the trellis. Trellis repair and maintenance; adding T-posts to trellis to include tying wire to fence with t post clips, adding additional wires to trellis, securing to trellis, end post straightening, possible replacement and tightening of end post wires to earth anchors. Trellis work can also include repairing old or broken trellis, replacing hop poles, or adding new hope poles to fields as needed. Backpack Spraying of Herbicide - Mix backpack sprays as instructed then selective spraying of unwanted weeds typically using hand pump sprayers with wand and spray shield to prevent contact with fruit or cover crop. General Labor - grounds maintenance, typically weed spraying or removal, fence repair and maintenance, painting, etc. Hop bines can scratch and irritate skin. Workers will need to dress in long-sleeved shirts and pants and wear gloves and eye protection.

Row Crop Vegetables\ Harvest row crop vegetables, such as cucumbers, melons, squash, peppers, pumpkins, sweet corn and beans by hand or using a knife, according to method appropriate for type of vegetable. Ascertains picking assignment from supervisor and places work aids, such as bucket, bins and tie wires, in assigned area. Picks vegetable from plant or soil or cuts vegetable from stem or root. Puts vegetable in container or lays bunches of vegetables along row for collection. Carries containers or armloads of bunched vegetables to collection point. Loads vegetables on to trucks.

Other duties may include:\ 1. Operate or tend equipment used in agricultural production and field preparation such as tractors, irrigation equipment and other commonly used equipment in agriculture.\ 2. Adjust, repair, and service farm machinery and notify supervisors when machinery malfunctions.\ 3. Observe and listen to machinery operation to detect equipment malfunctions.\ 4. Will operate tractors to work and plow ground and move bins in and out of fields.\ 5. Spray fertilizer or pesticide solutions to control insects, fungus and weed growth, and diseases using tractor or hand sprayers.\ 6. Drive vehicles and equipment to haul crops, supplies, tools, or workers.\ 7. During harvest, workers will be driving harvest vehicles and may have the opportunity to work nightshifts.\ 8. Manipulate controls to set, activate, and adjust mechanisms on machinery.\ 9. Mint Harvest/Mint Still Operator: Mint harvest and distilling is a 24/7 operat