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Family Health Centers Expanded Function Dental Assistant in Okanogan, Washington

*PRIMARY ROLE OBJECTIVE: Works with Dental team and Dental Providers to provide quality and comprehensive patient care.   MAIN DUTIES & RESPONSIBILITIES 1) Communicates patient health information to dental providers and team members. a. Answers patient phone calls, documents and communicates questions in Electronic Dental Records (EDR) and Electronic Medical Records (EHR) to the provider as necessary b. Relays appropriate information to the patient from the provider and documents in EDR. c. Coordinates and processes prescription refill requests with direction of the Dentist. d. Coordinates referrals to all specialists, coordinates laboratory cases and ships removable prosthetics, permeate crown and bridges. 2) Direct Patient Care a. Works to the top of licensed scope; WAC 246-817-525 b. Place, carve, finish, and polish direct restorations c. Take preliminary and final impressions and bite registrations, to include computer assisted design and computer assisted manufacture applications. d. Give fluoride treatments e. Apply sealants f. Obtains and records blood pressure and vital signs and updates patient health history. g. Responsible for patient education in Oral Health Instructions (OHI) h. Administers medications including sedative drugs, and topical anesthetics. i. Administers inhalation of minimal sedation (nitrous oxide) analgesia, including starting and stopping the flow as directed by the supervising Dentist. j. Responsible for placing, exposing and processing intra-oral and extra-oral x-rays, including; Panoramic and Cephalometric radiographs. k. Prepares patients for treatment and gives preoperative and postoperative instructions. l. Responsible for fabricating and delivering temporary crowns, bleaching, fluoride tray cements and emoving temporary crowns and bridges. m. Responsible for packing and medicating extraction areas. Places periodontal packs and removes packs or sutures. n. Processes impressions, bit registrations or digital scans of teeth and jaw for diagnostic and opposing models. o. Performs direct restorative treatment by placing acid etch, bonding agents, wedge, matrix and cavity base materials. p. Triages patients and performs oral inspection of patients and charts existing restorations. q. Pre-fits fixed and removable orthodontic appliances, occlusal guards, bleaching trays and fluoride trays. r. Removes fixed orthodontic appliances, orthodontic cements, and the orthodontic bonded resin material. 3) *