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Confidential Nursery (Crop) Worker in Oberlin, Ohio

Reference this job order number when inquiring about this position. Inquiries must be made prior to 04/16/2021.REQUIREMENTS: Must be at least 18 years of age. Must be available the entire work period of 11/15/2021-09/15/2022. Must agree to work Mon-Fri, 7.5 hours per day, Sat, 7.5 hours. Employer will provide transportation from employer provided living quarters to work site every day. Must read, and agree to, all terms and conditions of employment prior to a referral to the employer. OPENINGS: 206SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS:Must have at least 3 months of verifiable experience in all job duties. This job requires exposure to extreme temperatures, ability to lift 100 lbs., repetitive movements, extensive walking, frequent stooping, extensive pushing and pulling, drug screen, criminal background check.JOB DUTIES:Handling manual tasks associated with commodity production and harvest activities.Crops/Commodities: flowers, plants, vegetables, plugs, liners. This job requires a minimum of 3 months of agricultural experience working in a greenhouse or nursery handling manual tasks associated with production of flowers, nursery stock and vegetables. Workers must be able to perform manual tasks with accuracy and efficiency. Perform shoveling, hauling, ground preparation, and other manual tasks. Bending, stooping and kneeling required. Use hand tools including but not limited to shovels, shears, and clippers. Lift, carry, and load/unload products or supplies. Install/maintain irrigation systems and water lines. Clear debris from field and clean/maintain farm buildings, structures, equipment, and work areas. Assist with farm building/greenhouse maintenance and repairs. Build/repair fences. Plant, cultivate and maintain nursery seedlings and plants, including perennials, bedding plants, plugs, liners, vegetable plants and hanging baskets in condition for shipping and sale to customers. Pot/plant seedlings, fill and label trays, move product to greenhouses, and organize product on docks for loading, pull and assemble ord