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Hospital for Special Care PATIENT SUPPORT ASSOCIATE in New Britain, Connecticut


  • Required: Ability to work independently

  • Required: Ability to read, write and understand directions in English.

  • Required: Ability to communicate clearly and effectively.

  • Preferred: One year work experience with special needs population.

  • Preferred: Basic computer knowledge.

  • Preferred: CPI or Safety Care


  • The Patient Support Associate provides safe and appropriate non-skilled therapeutic interventions as assigned. Tasks focus on patient supervision to ensure patient safety, transport of patients in preparation for treatment, obtaining/preparing equipment necessary for patient care and maintaining a clean environment. The Patient Support Associate may also perform other clerical duties within the staffing office as assigned.


  • Ability to tolerate up to four hours of consecutive work. Endurance for up to one and one-half hour periods of constant sitting and one hour periods of independent mobility. Ability to safely transfer patients and provide contact guarding or hands-on assistance. Ability to lift or carry objects up to 10 pounds continuously, to 20 pounds frequently, and up to 40 pounds frequently for patient transfers and bed mobility. Ability to push/pull up to 50 pounds frequently throughout the day for patient transport and mobility activities. Frequent need to initiate body positional changes to access equipment from high and low areas and while providing treatment interventions. Functional fine and gross motor skills and upper extremity sensation needed. Intact vision needed for observation of patient's non-verbal responses and skin assessment. Must be able to initiate and interpret communication with patient and others.


  • Job requires the application of previously acquired knowledge. It also requires flexibility of thought, reasoning, organizational skills and the ability to act in some new or unfamiliar situations. Selective attention and concentration are necessary to complete tasks.

  • Job requires basic formulation, content, syntax and spelling to complete tasks. Only simple sentence or very short paragraph expression is necessary.

  • Job requires spontaneous communication and the ability to receive and convey messages.

  • Job requires an ability to comprehend lengthy messages or paragraphs and to follow multistage and three step commands.

  • Task requires ability to add and subtract two digit numbers. Multiply and divide 10’s and 100’s by 2, 3, 4, and 5. Perform basic arithmetic operations.


  • Job requires working primarily indoors, only occasionally needing to be outdoors. Job requires working around and with others on a continuous basis. Task fluctuation on schedule is frequent and often unpredictable due to census and patient specific needs. Work is frequently carried out in a noisy and somewhat crowded setting. There is exposure to body fluids, contagious disease and blood borne pathogens. There is occasional exposure to particles, chemicals, electrical, and/or thermal agents that could cause eye, nose or skin irritation - such as those utilized for casting, patient treatment, or cleaning.


  • Assists in lifting, transporting, turning, guarding and overall patient handling utilizing proper body mechanics and safety awareness.

  • Provides observation and direct assistance with patient activities as assigned under direction of licensed nurse.

  • Demonstrates competency in utilizing patient related equipment as directed.

  • Observes and reports changes in patient condition to appropriate team members

  • Provide set up and or feed assistance during meal times.

  • Assists with maintaining the orderliness and cleanliness of unit areas.

  • Documents assigned tasks accurately and in a timely manner using appropriate formats.

  • Orders patient equipment/supplies as directed.

  • Obtains, organizes and cleans equipment and supplies as directed

  • Monitors available stock and maintains neat, orderly storage of equipment/supplies on the unit as assigned.

  • Provides set-up and clean -up of treatment areas (i.e. pillows, linens, mats, treatment tables, etc.)

  • Performs miscellaneous clerical and staffing office duties as needed.

  • Prioritizes tasks in order to complete assignments seeking supervisory guidance as needed.