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Vanderbilt University Medical Center MRI Technologist PRN OHO in Nashville, Tennessee

Discover Vanderbilt University Medical Center: Located in Nashville, Tennessee, and operating at a global crossroads of teaching, discovery, and patient care, VUMC is a community of diverse individuals who come to work each day with the simple aim of changing the world. It is a place where your expertise will be valued, your knowledge expanded, and your abilities challenged. Vanderbilt Health recognizes that diversity is essential for excellence and innovation. We are committed to an inclusive environment where everyone has the chance to thrive and where your diversity of culture, thinking, learning, and leading is sought and celebrated. It is a place where employees know they are part of something that is bigger than themselves, take exceptional pride in their work and never settle for what was good enough yesterday. Vanderbilt’s mission is to advance health and wellness through preeminent programs in patient care, education, and research.


VIS Techs - OHO

Job Summary:


The MRI Technologist performs all MRI procedures in accordance with established department policies and procedures to ensure the best possible patient care services are delivered. Participates in on-call rotation.



• 1. Performs all magnetic resonance imaging procedures according to established department protocols

a. Performs appropriate volume of procedures according to patient load by shift

b. Ensures that the correct patient information and technical settings are entered prior to execution of the procedure

c. Prepares and administers intravenous contrast media according to established protocols

d. Performs venipuncture using sterile technique

e. Demonstrates a working knowledge of cross-sectional anatomy

f. Processes, records, and archives images for evaluation, interpretation, and maintenance purposes

g. Completes filming of all cases in a timely fashion according to radiologists, requirements

h. Completes processes to send image data to PACS

• 2. Performs all tasks associated with the proper execution of a MR examination in accordance with the established department and hospital policies and procedures

a. Accepts assignments from supervisor in positive manner; recognizes and performs duties that need to be accomplished although not routine

b. Restocks and maintains assigned work area/equipment in an orderly fashion

c. Assists in movement of patients to and from wheelchairs, stretchers, beds, and imaging table (uses appropriate restraint devises as needed)

d. Participates in on-call coverage as needed (displays flexibility, volunteers to work odd shifts as workload demands)

  1. Performs all assigned RIS transactions to ensure accurate patient and procedure information is recorded in a timely fashion for medical records and billing

a. Completes patient exam in RIS

b. Reviews martial and exam charges, exits/corrects as necessary

• 4. Performs visual maintenance checks on all equipment used and reports all malfunctions to appropriate personnel

a. Performs quality assurance procedures

b. Provides clear concise information regarding mechanical problems and service needs

c. Records all equipment downtime in department log and notifies appropriate personnel according to department procedures

d. Knowledge of MRI safety procedures of proper shutdown sequence of system

  1. Communicates with hospital staff and physicians in the performance of MR procedures to exchange pertinent patient information

a. Assists in scheduling of routine and emergency exams

b. Handles calls with courtesy and efficiency

c. Communicates identified patient related problems with appropriate chain of command

• 6. Demonstrates competency in performing all procedures, age range from neonatal to geriatric

a. Demonstrates capability of explaining procedure to patient, considers patient’s comfort during procedure, understands emotional response when procedure is completed

b. Demonstrates respect for patients right to privacy

c. All matters handled in confidential manner

d. Ensures patient meets criteria for a safe MRI scan

e. Monitor’s patients to detect signs of acute anxiety or clinical difficulties

f. Abides by professional code of ethics

• 7. Assists to identify patient and family learning needs and provides pertinent information regarding the procedure that is appropriate for age and level of learning to the patient and significant other

a. Evaluates patient history for MRI capability

b. Provides verbal education regarding procedure performed that is appropriate for age and level of learning for the patient/significant other

  1. Completes all documentation forms as required by department

a. Completes incident forms and risk management forms in timely manner

b. Completes patient education and discharge forms in timely manner

c. Completes all documents as required in MR department for patient log, education, patient history

  1. Contributes to a positive work environment and demonstrates teamwork

a. Demonstrates professional attributes and effective technical skills to satisfy job expectation


Allied health is among the fastest growing occupations in healthcare today. This area can be defined as credentialed professionals who perform supportive, diagnostic, and therapeutic health care services to promote health and prevent disease in a variety of settings.

These areas are crucial to Vanderbilt Health’s reputation for excellence in these areas that has made us a major center for patient referrals from throughout the Mid-South.

Each year, people throughout Tennessee and the southeast choose Vanderbilt Health for their health care because of our leadership in medical science and our dedication to treating patients with dignity and compassion.

Core Accountabilities:

Organizational Impact: Executes job responsibilities with the understanding of how output would affect and impact other areas related to own job area/team with occasional guidance. Problem Solving/ Complexity of work: Analyzes moderately complex problems using technical experience and judgment. Breadth of Knowledge: Has expanded knowledge gained through experience within a professional area. Team Interaction: Provides informal guidance and support to team members.

Core Capabilities :

Supporting Colleagues:- Develops Self and Others: Invests time, energy, and enthusiasm in developing self/others to help improve performance e and gain knowledge in new areas.- Builds and Maintains Relationships: Maintains regular contact with key colleagues and stakeholders using formal and informal opportunities to expand and strengthen relationships.- Communicates Effectively: Recognizes group interactions and modifies one's own communication style to suit different situations and audiences. Delivering Excellent Services:- Serves Others with Compassion: Seeks to understand current and future needs of relevant stakeholders and customizes services to better address them.- Solves Complex Problems: Approaches problems from different angles; Identifies new possibilities to interpret opportunities and develop concrete solutions.- Offers Meaningful Advice and Support: Provides ongoing support and coaching in a constructive manner to increase employees' effectiveness. Ensuring High Quality: - Performs Excellent Work: Engages regularly in formal and informal dialogue about quality; directly addresses quality issues promptly.- Ensures Continuous Improvement: Applies various learning experiences by looking beyond symptoms to uncover underlying causes of problems and identifies ways to resolve them. - Fulfills Safety and Regulatory Requirements: Understands all aspects of providing a safe environment and performs routine safety checks to prevent safety hazards from occurring. Managing Resources Effectively: - Demonstrates Accountability: Demonstrates a sense of ownership, focusing on and driving critical issues to closure.- Stewards Organizational Resources: Applies understanding of the departmental work to effectively manage resources for a department/area.- Makes Data Driven Decisions: Demonstrates strong understanding of the information or data to identify and elevate opportunities. Fostering Innovation:- Generates New Ideas: Proactively identifies new ideas/opportunities from multiple sources or methods to improve processes beyond conventional approaches.- Applies Technology: Demonstrates an enthusiasm for learning new technologies, tools, and procedures to address short-term challenges.- Adapts to Change: Views difficult situations and/or problems as opportunities for improvement; actively embraces change instead of emphasizing negative elements.

Position Qualifications:



LIC-American Registry of Radiologic Technologists - Licensure-Others

Work Experience:

Relevant Work Experience

Experience Level :

1 year


Graduate of an approved discipline specific program

Vanderbilt Health recognizes that diversity is essential for excellence and innovation. We are committed to an inclusive environment where everyone has the chance to thrive and to the principles of equal opportunity and affirmative action. EOE/AA/Women/Minority/Vets/Disabled