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Gratiot Isabella RESD Paraprofessional - Pullen Elementary in Mount Plesant, Michigan

Essential Duties and Responsibilities: An individual who holds this position is required to perform all the following:

Assist student with disabilities according to their individualized needs, including (but not limited to);

Transferring; (including but not limited to)

To and from wheelchairs, shower chairs, hygiene stations, floor time on mat and wedges, mat tables, assistive devices such as walkers, rifton chairs, tricycle & getting into and out of a pool.

This may include, depending on the size and ability of the student, a one-person lift transfer, 2- person lift, use of mechanical lift, use of lift vest and/or a gait belt.

Assist with physical/personal care including; (but not limited to)

Feedings such as administering or assisting with oral feeding with students who have motor or swallow disabilities and/or administering tube feedings with a pump or by use of bolus method.

Bathroom needs such as diapering both male and female students, use of MOVE training toileting strategies, toilet training, and use of hygiene station.

Personal care needs such as undressing, dressing, showering, tooth brushing, grooming and hand hygiene. Staff will provide supervision, verbal prompts and/or hands on assistance in providing and/or teaching all personal hygiene skills.

Administration of oral medication as prescribed by a physician and delegated by the school nurse. Documentation and accountability of medications per school protocols.

Administration of emergency medications as prescribed by a physician and delegated by the school nurse such as Epi-pen, Diastat, Inhalers, and Nebulizers.

Perform as needed First Aid and CPR. (District provides training)

Observes Universal precautions. Uses appropriate PPE provided by the district. Ability to handle bodily secretions (which may be infectious) in the appropriate manner.

Assist instructional staff in the supervision of and physical assistance of students while they are loading and unloading buses, job sites, in gym, in pool and on field trips.

Assist in Physical therapy, Occupational therapy, and Speech and Language functions.

Participates in physical activities, which are part of the student's basic program, and helps them reach goals related to adaptive development. These activities include walking, swimming, going up and down stairs, getting on and off the floor independently or with assist, assisting students during ride bikes.

Regularly be able to physically support students with varying core strength and/or gait stability during transfers between equal and unequal surfaces such as chair to floor, floor to walker, lift to equipment such as bench or stander, chair to chair.

Participate with the "MOVE" training program of assisting students with physical impairments to increase their ability to sit, stand, walk, transition.

Ability to assist with specific medical care for students and their individual needs: tube feedings, administering medications, clean intermittent catheterization, monitoring & safely manage seizures, trach care, etc. (Training and delegation is provided by school nurses)

Ability to deal with disruptive behaviors and when it applies be able to follow through with prescribed behavioral management programs according to behavior intervention plans created and led by the teacher in a consistent professional manner.

Follow through with prescribed physical management programs. Participate and pass the training offered by the GIRESD in Crisis Prevision Intervention (CPI). Safely implement CPI interventions restraints correctly and consistently to keep students safe.

Physical Demands: (clarification as related to above duties)

The physical demands described here are representative of those that must be met by an employee to s