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WorkSource Oregon Journeyman Electrician in Milwaukie, Oregon

The Journeyman/Electrician's role is to provide leadership and technical expertise to photovoltaic installation teams of two to three people; to assist with both DC and AC installations; and through the system commissioning process, ultimately to ensure the vision of a PV project's designers is executed with the highest levels of quality and craftsmanship. Leading the team entails providing guidance and supervision, sharing knowledge and experience, checking the team's work for accuracy, setting an efficient pace of work, and ensuring job site safety at all times. Journeymen/Electrician Team Leads should demonstrate clear leadership capability, the ability to solve problems and work independently, and a keen sense for recognizing errors and potential problems. RESPONSIBILITIES: PV Installation Implement project installation according to plan, ensuring the highest levels of quality, accuracy and speed. Efficiently communicate needs (material, equipment, information, and crew) to PMs. Solicit approval and procure additional materials when necessary. Interpret drawings with a critical eye and report possible issues to PM's when in doubt. Verify that applicable equipment and systems are installed according to contract documents, manufacturer recommendations, and industry-accepted best practices. Install and manage all aspects of DC and AC installations and testing, as required. Cut, bend, thread, and run electrical conduit materials as needed. Test DC and AC circuitry for polarity, open-circuit voltage, grounding continuity, resistance, clean terminal connections, etc. Inspect and verify the installation team's work for accuracy and completeness. When applicable, assess the work of electrical subcontractors on the AC side and provide feedback to PMs. Formally commission PV systems according to Imagine's Commissioning Checklist. Represent the company to clients, general contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers in a courteous, professional manner at all times. Leadership Lead assigned Installation Team in carrying out the project, providing guidance and instruction where appropriate. Mentor Limited Renewables Technician Apprentice when needed. Ensure and maintain the safety of the job site in excess of OSHA standards''lead by example. Identify and help maintain worksite harmony by resolving conflicts that arise among Installation Team. Communication Clarify instructions and communicate expectations of PMs to Installation Team when needed. Track incurred expenses by job and submit all purchase receipts to PMs. Recognize and identify project challenges and provide solutions. Report work progress to PMs on a daily basis. Post-installation, debrief projects with PM's identifying successful and unsuccessful project elements, and make recommendations for future process improvements. Tool Management Take responsibility for the assigned vehicle and maintain in superior condition, including cleaning and organization inside and out. Ensure weekly vehicle reports are submitted to PM'S and note issues with vehicles in a timely manner. Monitor vehicle maintenance schedules and perform basic maintenance where appropriate. Personal Development Continually improve on