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Job/Position DescriptionContract Specialist IIUnder the general supervision of the HSCS Regional Contract Manager, performs complex journey level consultative contract services and technical assistance to administrative support departments and programs of the facility to accomplish the HSCS Facilities missions, including providing critical services to individuals and agency operations. Consults with State Office Business Management Contract Team. Collaborates with legal division as required and with procurement staff during the procurement/contracting process. Provides oversight to facility contract managers and subject matter experts (SMEs). Work includes gathering, analyzing and disseminating information for contract management requirements. Directly involved with CAPPS Financials and System of Contract Operation and Reporting (SCOR). Serves as Contract Administrator to provide guidance, assistance and support to all facility Contract Managers/SMEs, program staff involved in the contract process, governmental agencies, community organizations and/or to the general public. Work involves planning, developing, and implementing agency contract management requirements based on state law, procurement processes/procedures, and internal division policies and procedures. Provides quality control and oversight for contract activities, payment activities and contract close out. Trains others involved in the Contract Lifecycle process. Must comply with statutes, rules, and policies related to HHS programs and contracts. Works independently for the use of initiative and independent judgment.Essential Job FunctionsAttends work on a regular basis and may be required to work a specific shift schedule or, at times, even a rotating schedule, extended shift and/or overtime in accordance with agency leave policy and performs other duties as assigned.Task 1Serves as a liaison to staff to explain and provide technical assistance on program specifics and requirements for facility level Contracts, Amendments, and Renewals to include but not limited to Memorandum of Agreements(MOA), Memorandums of Understanding (MOU), Interagency, Interlocal, Open Enrollments and Revenue Contracts. Reviews all steps for compliance with established policy and procedures. Consults with legal counsel on all contract types as required. Consults with State Office Business Management Contract Team for guidance or interpretation of policy and procedures relative to contract management. Provides oversight to facility contract managers(CMs) and subject matter experts (SMEs) in the contracting process, from initiation of the contract to completion and close out. Manages/drafts contracts as per policy. Must complete contract management responsibilities to include:a. Writing well-defined Statements of Work with input from stakeholders when involved in procuring new contracts; prepares specifications for requests for bids; ensuring requisitions are entered into CAPPS Financials to start the procurement process; receiving applicable approvals via routing processes; serves on evaluation teams;b. Ensuring all applicable state and federal rules and regulations, HHS and agency policy, and the terms and conditions of the contract are adhered to;c. Be well versed in contract terms, including its purpose, scope, requirements, deliverables, and milestones to ensure the contractor is held accountable for timely performance;d. Establishes specific, time-bound, performance measures and requirements to ensure contractor account https://jobshrportal.hhsc.state.tx.us/ENG/CareerPortal/job\_profile.cfm?szOrderID=539511 Copy the URL in the preceding sentence to an Internet Explorer browser to apply to the job directly through the Texas Health and Human Services Career Portal.