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City of Meridian Electrical Inspector I in Meridian, Idaho

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Performs comprehensive electrical inspections of residential and minor commercial construction projects that have received an electrical permit in the City of Meridian. Responsible for verifying that buildings in the process of construction meet current adopted national electrical code, adopted codified codes, local amendments, specifications, engineering reports, plans and permit requirements. Exercises technical judgment and discretion based on extensive knowledge of the various ordinances, codes and regulations. Must have experience with methods and practices involved in constructing, installing, and maintaining and operating a wide variety of residential, minor commercial and industrial electrical installations and appliances. Provide correction notices to the permit holder and the City of any violations. Works independently in the field and performs detailed data entry and project notes in the citys enterprise software system or other databases. Uses independent discretion and judgment on when to require resubmittals on project scope change or plan modifications. Incumbent works moderately independently within a scheduled routine receiving general direction and supervision from the Electrical Inspection Supervisor.\ \ Essential Duties & Responsibilities:\ Inspects new and existing electrical wiring and installations in residential and small commercial buildings and structures to determine that installations conform to approved plans and applicable national electrical codes;\ \ Verifies that electrical equipment has the appropriate labeling and listings for the application;\ \ Performs on-site review of electrical plans and diagrams;\ \ Writes correction notices and requires corrections of deficiencies discovered in electrical wiring and installations;\ \ Monitors inspection area for work being performed without permits or proper occupancy approval and for dangerous conditions;\ \ Issues notices of violation, including stop-work orders after collaboration with the Electrical Inspection Supervisor and the Building Official;\ \ Coordinates the termination of power due to serious code and life safety violations with the local utilities, Electrical Inspection Supervisor and Building Official.;\ \ Verifies the proper licensing of electrical contractors and journey-level workers;\ \ Responds to complaints from tenants about possible substandard housing conditions due to electrical code violations;\ \ Advises electrical contractors and homeowners on various installation problems relating to electrical codes;\ \ Provides information on electrical code and other related regulatory requirements;\ \ Meets regularly with other electrical inspectors to develop policies and procedures to ensure uniformity of inspection;\ \ Coordinates activities with other department and inspection staff by recording inspection results in the citys database or other;\ \ Works with other inspectors to coordinate inspection coverage of the City and to ensure that electrical work is inspected and approved prior to the issuance of a certificate of occupancy, certificate of completion or other final approval;\ \ Verifies correct electrical permit valuations and recommends proper adjustment due to inaccurate reporting and scope creep or change prior to final inspection approval and occupancy approval;\ \ Works with Electrical Inspection Supervisor to create standardized electrical inspection checklists;\ \ Demonstrates continuous effort to improve operations, decrease turnaround times, stream line work processes, and work cooperatively and jointly to provide quality seamless customer service;\ \ Performs other duties as assigned.