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NTR Agricultural Equipment Operators in Manito, Illinois

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We operate a custom contract business in Illinois in the production of an estimated 14,000 acres of seed corn. Our work begins mid-May with male row delay. We use tractors to drive either flaming or cutting implements through the field to stunt the male row of corn. Our work continues in late June with mechanical detasseling. We operate Oxbo machines cutting and pulling the tassels from female seed corn plants. In August, we continue with male row destroying in which Oxbo machines are driven through the field to chop up the male rows of seed corn since they are no longer needed. Our season finishes up with seed corn harvesting which usually runs from mid-August to early October. During that time, we run Oxbo pickers to harvest the corn, as well as tractors with chase carts. As the season concludes, we spend about 3 weeks getting equipment cleaned up and ready for winter storage. Employees will operate Case tractors with flaming or cutting implements, Oxbo machines with pulling and cutting toolbars, and Case tractors with Oxbo dump carts, dumping seed corn onto semi-trailers. Employees will also move/drive equipment from field to field. Employees must be able to read road/field maps, be able to communicate with others, including effective hearing and vision capabilities, and follow company safety protocols included in training. Employees will assist with all aspects of harvesting these crops. Employees will need to complete daily, routine repairs and maintenance on equipment. Employer may provide pay increases for performance and experience at employers discretion. Employer may provide performance bonuses at the end of the contract at the employers discretion.