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PRGX Analyst I in Malaysia, Malaysia

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We provide the business intelligence to unlock incremental value from data and expand impact across our clients' organizations for healthier whole businesses. PRGX pioneered Recovery Audit nearly 50 years ago and is now the global leader in source-to-pay analytics and margin expansion. PRGX empowers clients in more than 30 countries with the business intelligence to recover $1.2 billion in annual cash flow, unlocking value and improving the overall health of organizations across the world. We collaborate with supplier communities to realize improved profits and deliver the tools to optimize processes, finding immediate and lasting value. With end-to-end technology and deep vertical expertise that underpins our recovery, preventive, and analytics solutions, we provide the actionable insights to minimize leakage, optimize cash flow, and shape stronger, healthier businesses. F or additional information on PRGX, please visit www.prgx.com .

Job Description Job Description

Job Title: Analyst I

Date: 2021

Division/Department: Recovery Audit


Reports to: Management

Service Line: Recovery Audit

Band:2 - Specialized Support


Type of position:

☒ Full-time ☒Temporary

☒Part-time ☐Other

FLSA Status:Hours__ / week

☐Exempt ☒Not applicable



  • Conducts audits using client data to identify errors and recover revenue

  • Finds, supports, and documents audit and claims operation.

  • Produces claims

  • Updates claims management system

  • Bills claims to client

  • Reviews contracts, agreements, paperwork, and electronic documents

  • Inspects and evaluates client financial information

  • Provides vendors with claim back-up information

  • Packages claims for vendor and/or client

  • Conducts buyer, contract and document pulls as required

  • Provides support for audit team.

  • Actively contacts vendors as part of the claim production process

  • Independently produces written correspondences to vendor inquiries.

  • Analyses and assesses problems regarding client’s claims procedure and business operations based on appropriate audit concepts.

  • Produces number and dollar volume of claims goals as defined by team leader and/or management.

  • Adheres to the overall timing and deadline of an audit cycle.


· Extensive PC skills including knowledge of Microsoft Office and preferably database experience


Domain/Industry Knowledge & Focus

  • Understands the core concepts and tasks of recovery audit

  • Familiar with assigned customer base

  • Basic understanding of commercial recovery productivity

  • Little to no understanding of broader industry

  • Able to effectively review one project or vendor complexity level after training period

Data Analysis

  • Competent at using ERP for assigned tasks

  • Competent at designing and using simple query tools

  • Ability to analyse large data sets

  • Able to learn review tools used quickly with few, if any, technical barriers to reaching effective level of performance

Problem identification & Resolution

  • Finds solutions to underlying issues through structured analysis

  • Proactively analyses, identifies, and seeks relevant information from a wide variety of sources

Claim Production & Quality

  • Meets and strives to exceed claims goals

  • Consistently produces at or above average claim totals or claim counts for similarly rated employees on like projects or vendor complexity levels

  • Competent at standard tools and processes for audits and claims

  • Performs entry-level audit tasks with supervision

  • Identifies variances and/or errors in the procurement and payment processes

  • Able to learn while doing (i.e., produce claims while learning the process)

  • Produces accurate work

  • Seeks feedback on quality of work

  • Maintains paybacks and cancel % in line with expectations

Client & Supplier Management

  • Interfaces effectively with suppliers as needed to explore basic claim support and topics

  • Able to ask relevant and focused questions of trainers or more senior employees to deepen concept knowledge and skill set, either in person or in writing

  • Shows organization of information given and demonstrates ability to adapt work practices in response to instruction with limited training/instruction repetition needed



Maintains a Client Focus

  • Delivers on commitments to clients

  • Understands clients stated needs and requirements

  • Communicates with vendors in professional and timely manner

  • Meets clients’ needs

  • Maintains positive relationships with clients and vendors


Communicates with Impact

  • Communicates in clear and concise manner

  • Values and listens to others

  • Adapts communication to different audiences

  • Shares information in a timely manner


Displays Emotional Intelligence

  • Remains calm and composed with day-to-day challenges

  • Maintains focus when under pressure

  • Recovers from setbacks typical to role

  • Adapts to changes and shifting requirements, and maintains openness to new approaches

  • Aware of own emotions and reactions

  • Builds positive and trusting relationships with colleagues

  • Sees the positive in people, situations, and events

Organizes & Prioritizes

  • Organizes info to complete daily work

  • Plans and performs work in systematic way

  • Seeks guidance with competing demands & priorities

  • Manages tasks effectively to deliver work on time

  • Shifts priorities as directed by others

Takes Initiative

  • Takes responsibility for own performance - work done on time and to quality

  • Performs routine tasks without being prompted

  • Anticipates problems might encounter in daily tasks

  • Accepts responsibility for and corrects mistakes

  • Seeks out additional work; offers to help others


Drives for Results

  • Tenacious in overcoming routine challenges, seeks support

  • Completes tasks in timely manner

  • Strives to meet goals and objectives

  • Maintains energy and focus

  • Maintains self-motivation and determination to meet deadlines and expected outcomes


  • Employee Assistance Programme

    Skills & Requirements Qualifications

PRGX provides equal employment opportunities to all employees and applicants for employment without regard to race, color, religion, age, sex, national origin, disability status, genetic information, Protected Veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, or any other characteristic protected by federal, state or local laws.